Happy First Birthday to IWJ!

One year ago today, I had an idea.

Feeling a little creative – as I usually am – I started playing around with things online.

Those of you who have paid close attention to anything I’ve done online over the past years will have noticed that I have come up with new logos more or less every year.

On this occasion however, I decided to go a little further. As I explained at the time, the previous my-tripreport brand never really sat well with me. So I decided to go for something else.

Seeing more and more YouTube channels go for something more personal over the past years, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon.

The name Inflight With James came pretty easily. The next step was to see if it was actually available across social media! I was in luck, with the exception of Twitter. It featured too many characters. Hence why I’m known as @inflightjames there.

As an added bonus, inflightwithjames.com was also available for 2 years so I snapped that up too. Initially having no idea what I’d actually do with it. At first, I set it to forward to my YouTube channel.

As mentioned above, I’m nearly always feeling creative. By pure chance, an advert for Wix came on the radio later that day, so I decided to have a play with that.

But what to publish? Well, I had written a couple of pieces for KJMtoday – so they were in. And previously, I had a ton of trip reports from my-tripreport.com. So I set about importing those.

But what else? Being a reader of both One Mile At A Time and God Save The Points, I figured I’d try my hand at commenting on various bits and pieces from the travel world. Luckily the Paris Air Show took place a few weeks after setting up, so I was able to get a ton of content from that. Along with making a return to written trip reports.

After being set up for a couple of months, I contacted Gilbert Ott from God Save The Points to see what tips he could give me in regards to keeping things fresh. The first bit of advice he gave was to ditch Wix and move over to WordPress. I could see where he was coming from. Wix gave a functional website, but customisation was limited.

So the huge task of moving things over from Wix to WordPress began. As Wix is a pretty closed system, this was a bit of a task! But finding myself in the BA lounge (remember those?!) at Linate with a couple of hours to spare got the job done.

Initially, the first iteration of the WordPress site featured a theme that was thrown in with the hosting. It did the job, although it was a little spread out. Posts from a week previously ended up being buried. So I made the step up and actually paid for a professional theme! Which is still in use today.

Admittedly, at first I figured I’d grow bored with the whole thing after a month or two. However, my interest is still strong in the whole project! However, not being a journalist, writer or web programmer means theres still a few areas that I struggle with. Mostly the writing part. Trip reports come naturally to me, as I’ve been writing those for the best part of a decade now. However, when it comes to news articles… how do I re-write an airlines press release?! Although I somewhat manage to muddle through. Just.

Another Logo Change

Almost straight away, I noticed that I may have made a slight oversight with the initial logo. Having just YouTube in mind, it worked fine for that. However, having the golden yellow accents on the white background of a website made things a little hard to read. So in early 2020, I tweaked it a little. Nothing too major. I still used the A380-ish logo. But made it a more friendly colour. Also changed was the font.

The Future

Who knows! Especially at this moment in time. Again, I have been tinkering with things. The design of the site mostly. However, I’m yet to find anything that works quite as well as the current theme. So I’ll likely leave that for the time being. The colour scheme seems to work well also.

One aspect I’m not too happy with at the moment, is understandably, the lack of trip reports! The last time that section was added to was in March. I knew when leaving the airport on that occasion that it could be a while before I returned. Although I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this long. And who knows when I will return.

In the past 12 months, inflightwithjames.com has had 50,000+ hits. Far beyond my expectations, so thanks for reading!

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