[Update] Grounded British Airways Aircraft: Master List

Latest Update: 14 June 2020

It’s now got to the point where the original article on BA grounding a certain number of its fleet has grown to the point of too many updates!

Therefore, I will maintain and update this master list of the British Airways aircraft that have been parked.

Long Haul Fleet
Short Haul Fleet
Overall Fleet

Update 14/6/20

After a period of down time, a few members of the fleet are being brought back into service. Airbus A319, G-EUPZ is scheduled to leave Bournemouth and operate to Berlin Tegel on 15/6. Incidentally, the airport was supposed to be closed by now, although that plan was scrapped. Additionally, Airbus A320’s G-EUYP and G-EUYV are scheduled to operate to Lisbon and Copenhagen on 14/6. Airbus A320 G-EUUC returned from Madrid on 8th June, however this was more likely having a cabin reconfiguration than storage. It hasn’t operated a scheduled flight since returning to Heathrow. A319, G-EUPW will return from Bournemouth to Heathrow on 15/6, however no flights have been scheduled for that one yet. Airbus A320, G-EUYS has been reactivated from its storage at Heathrow, however it is yet to operate. G-EUUR has also operated a return from London to Edinburgh recently, following a period of storage at Heathrow.

A number of the shorthaul fleet is planned to leave Bournemouth over the next couple of weeks in order to operate the extended schedule in July.

On the long haul side, Boeing 777-200ER, G-VIIF is due to leave Cardiff and return to Heathrow imminently. For those who want to see the Landor liveried Boeing 747 at Bournemouth, be quick! This one is scheduled to move to Cardiff at some point this week. It is rumoured that a number of Boeing 777’s will head to Bournemouth over the coming weeks for long term storage.

Update 30/5/2020

Things have remained somewhat stable with the fleet for the past month or so. However, there have been a couple of movements recently.

Boeing 747, G-CIVP positioned from Bournemouth to Heathrow for an A check.

Airbus A319, G-EUPJ will head to Bournemouth today. In its place, G-EUPU will return to Heathrow.

Airbus A319, G-EUOG will position to London Gatwick on Sunday 31/5.

Update 22/4/2020

The 747 carried right on past Chateauroux. The A319 did land there though.

Boeing 747-400, G-CIVO positioned LHR-CHR early this morning. Airbus A319, G-EUOA followed closely behind in order to bring the flight crew back to London.

Update: 16/4/20

Another pair of A380’s flew to Chateauroux. Hopefully they manage to keep them firmly on the taxiway today…

In addition, Boeing 747-400, G-CIVN flew to Cotswold airport, likely for scrap.

Update: 15/4/20

Another batch of A380’s are heading off to Chateauroux today. The first was G-XLED and was joined by G-XLEB around an hour later.

There has been some swapping with the 777’s at Cardiff too. These remain in service as such. They are going there for scheduled maintenance.

Update: 12/4/20

Five Boeing 747 aircraft will be heading to Cotswold airport (formerly RAF Kemble) over the coming week. Whilst it’s unknown whether they will be stored or scrapped, it is the home of Air Salvage International. Not many aircraft have come back from there…

The aircraft heading off are:

Tue 14th April:

Wed 15th April:

Thu 16th April:

Fri 17th April:

Update: 7/4/20

Another pair of A380’s will be heading to Chateauroux this morning. In addition, a couple of A320’s have also been parked up at Glasgow.

Update: 6/4/20

The first 4 Airbus A380’s will head to Chateauroux today to be stored. Another two will follow tomorrow.

Update: 5/4/20

A few more long haul aircraft have been parked up at Heathrow, along with the first A321neo’s.


The 747’s that were scheduled to go to Teruel earlier in the week will be heading off today. It’s rumoured that they wont be returning to the fleet.

A pair of 747’s will also be headed to Miami today – bringing the total in service back up to 3.

In addition, G-TTOE was only parked up for the day. Its scheduled to operate the BA490 to Gibraltar later this morning.

Update: 2/4/20

Nothing too much to report on today. A number of 747’s have been parked at Heathrow and the usual A320neo and A350 shuffling.

There now remains just the one Boeing 747 in service with British Airways.

Update: 1/4/20

With operations from London Gatwick now suspended, all aircraft that operate out of there are now parked up at the airport. 

There are also a number of aircraft now parked at London Heathrow too. 

Update: 31/3/20

Five Boeing 747’s will be heading to Bournemouth for storage today. In addition, three Airbus A321’s will be moved from London Heathrow to Glasgow for storage. 

Once Airbus A380, G-XLEG has had its maintenance completed in Manila, it will be stored there. 

Update: 30/3/20

Now won’t be happening.

A number of Boeing 747-400 aircraft were flown to Teruel in Spain this morning. It is unknown whether they will return. It’s been speculated that BA are taking a “wait and see” approach. If demand picks up sufficiently, they will return. If not, they will be broken up.

Update: 29/3/20

More aircraft parked up at Heathrow and Gatwick. The final Airbus A321’s were parked up today, meaning there are none in service. However it should be noted that as yet, none of the A321neo series have been parked up. 

Update: 28/3/20

Big update today. With the announcement that London Gatwick will be reducing its hours of operation, a number of the fleet that is bases there has been parked.

Alongside this, a number of long haul aircraft have been parked at Heathrow.

Update: 27/3/20

So the storage of the 777’s didn’t happen yesterday. However one has positioned to Cardiff this morning.

As it turns out, A350, G-XWBB isn’t in storage after all. After a week on the ground, it operated BA93 to Toronto today.

Update: 26/3/20

Another batch of A320 series heading to Bournemouth today. I have also heard that 5/6 Boeing 777’s will be heading there too. No Reg’s yet however. I’ll update this when I find them out. 

In addition, there are more A320’s parked up at Heathrow, along with the first A320neo’s and an A350.

Update: 25/3/20

More A320 series have gone to Bournemouth. As of yet, I can’t see any more long haul aircraft that have been parked up.

Airbus A318, G-EUNA positioned London Heathrow – Madrid on Sunday 22nd March.

Update: 24/3/20

The latest update includes a number of A320 series heading to Bournemouth today, plus the additions of other aircraft stored around the UK.

Airbus A318 (Madrid)
  • G-EUNA
Airbus A319 (Bournemouth)
  • G-EUPD
  • G-EUPF
  • G-EUPG
  • G-EUPW
  • G-EUPY
  • G-DBCD
  • G-DBCK
  • G-EUPK
  • G-EUPS
  • G-EUPU -> Positioning LHR, 30/5
  • G-EUPL
  • G-EUPO
  • G-EUPZ -> Positioned to LHR, 14/6
Airbus A319 (Glasgow)
  • G-DBCE
Airbus A319 (London Gatwick)
  • G-DBCD -> Transferred to BOH
  • G-DBCF
  • G-DBCH
  • G-DBCG
  • G-EUPA
  • G-EUPC
  • G-DBCB
  • G-EUPM
  • G-DBCC
Airbus A319 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-EUPB
  • G-EUPH
  • G-EUPJ -> Transferring to BOH
  • G-EUPL -> Transferred to BOH
  • G-EUPO-> Transferred to BOH
  • G-EUPR
  • G-EUPT
  • G-EUPY -> Transferred to BOH
  • G-DBCJ
Airbus A320 (Bournemouth)
  • G-EUUD
  • G-EUUH
  • G-EUUJ
  • G-EUUK
  • G-EUUL
  • G-EUUP
  • G-EUUI
  • G-EUUA
  • G-EUYC
  • G-EUYD
  • G-EUYE
  • G-EUYJ
  • G-EUUM
  • G-EUUN
  • G-EUYB
  • G-EUYG
  • G-EUYF
Airbus A320 (Glasgow)
  • G-EUUF
  • G-EUYH
  • G-EUYM
  • G-MIDT (Maintenence)
  • G-EUYI -> Transferred to LHR
  • G-EUUY
Airbus A320 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-EUUK -> Transferred to BOH
  • G-EUUO 
  • G-EUUP -> Transferred to BOH
  • G-EUYL
  • G-EUYU
  • G-EUYS
  • G-EUYW
  • G-EUYX
  • G-TTOB
  • G-EUYF
  • G-TTOE
  • G-EUUE
  • G-EUYI
  • G-EUYP -> Returned to service
  • G-EUYU
  • G-EUYY
  • G-EUUG
  • G-EUUR
  • G-EUYA
  • G-EUYN
  • G-EUYO
  • G-EUYR
  • G-EUYS
  • G-EUYT
  • G-EUYV -> Returned to service
  • G-EUYX
Airbus A320 (London Gatwick)
  • G-EUUV
  • G-GATH
  • G-GATJ
  • G-GATM
  • G-GATN
  • G-GATS
  • G-EUUW
  • G-EUUZ
  • G-EUUS
  • G-EUUT
  • G-EUUU
  • G-EUUX
  • G-EUYK
  • G-GATK
  • G-GATL
  • G-GATP
  • G-GATR
  • G-GATU
  • G-MEDK
  • G-MIDS
  • G-MIDX
  • G-MIDY
Airbus A320neo (London Heathrow*)
  • G-TTNA
  • G-TTNB
  • G-TTNC
  • G-TTNF
Airbus A320neo (Glasgow)
  • G-TTNB
Airbus A321 (Bournemouth)
  • G-EUXD
  • G-EUXE
  • G-EUXJ
  • G-MEDL
  • G-MEDM
  • G-EUXF
Airbus A321 (Glasgow)
  • G-EUXC
  • G-EUXG
  • G-EUXH
  • G-EUXK
  • G-EUXL
  • G-EUXM
  • G-MEDF
  • G-MEDG
  • G-MEDU
Airbus A321 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-EUXI
  • G-MEDN
  • G-MEDF -> Transferred to GLA
  • G-MEDG -> Transferred to GLA
  • G-MEDJ -> Transferred to LGW
  • G-MEDU -> Transferred to GLA
Airbus A321 (London Gatwick)
  • G-MEDJ
Update: Master List of grounded BA Planes
Airbus A321neo (London Heathrow*)
  • G-NEOP
  • G-NEOU
  • G-NEOV
  • G-NEOR
  • G-NEOS
  • G-NEOT
  • G-NEOW
  • G-NEOX
  • G-NEOZ
Airbus A350-1000 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-XWBB – Operating BA93 LHR-YYZ, 1/4
  • G-XWBC – Operating BA293 LHR-IAD, 1/4 
  • G-XWBD – Operated BA93 LHR-YYZ, 3/4
  • G-XWBE
Airbus A350-1000 (Dubai)
  • G-XWBA – Damaged 13/4 – Returned to LHR, 21/4
Airbus A380 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-XLEA -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEC -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEF -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEI -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEJ -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEL -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEB -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLED -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEE -> Transferred to CHR
  • G-XLEH -> Positioned to MNL for maintenence
  • G-XLEK -> Transferred to CHR
Airbus A380 (Chateauroux)
  • G-XLEA
  • G-XLEC
  • G-XLEF
  • G-XLEI
  • G-XLED
  • G-XLEB
  • G-XLEL
  • G-XLEE
  • G-XLEK
Airbus A380 (Manila)
  • G-XLEG -> Returned to LHR following maintenence
Update: Master List of grounded BA Planes
Boeing 747-400 (Cardiff)
  • G-BYGA
  • G-BYGB
  • G-BYGD
  • G-BYGE
  • G-CIVV
  • G-CIVZ
Boeing 747-400 (Teruel)
  • G-CIVA
  • G-CIVR
  • G-CIVS
  • G-CIVT
  • G-CIVX
Boeing 747-400 (Bournemouth)
  • G-BNLY
  • G-CIVU
  • G-CIVC
  • G-CIVP -> Positioned to LHR 28/5
  • G-CIVW
Boeing 747-400 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-CIVH -> Transferring to GBA
  • G-CIVK -> Transferring to GBA
  • G-CIVR -> Transferred to TEV
  • G-CIVX -> Transferred to TEV
  • G-BNLY -> Transferred to BOH
  • G-CIVD
  • G-CIVE
  • G-CIVT -> Transferred to TEV
  • G-CIVY
  • G-CIVF
  • G-BYGF
  • G-BYGC
  • G-CIVA -> Transferred to TEV
  • G-CIVB -> Scheduled to operate LHR-MIA, 3/4
  • G-CIVI
  • G-CIVJ -> Transferred to GBA
  • G-CIVL -> Transferred to GBA
  • G-CIVN -> Transferred to GBA
  • G-CIVO
  • G-CIVS -> Transfered TEV
  • G-BYGG
Update: Master List of grounded BA Planes
Boeing 777-200ER (Cardiff)
  • G-VIIB
  • G-VIIN
  • G-YMMO
  • G-YMMP
  • G-YMMU
  • G-VIIS
Boeing 777-200ER (London Heathrow*)
  • G-VIIC
  • G-VIID
  • G-VIIE
  • G-VIIH
  • G-VIIJ
  • G-VIIK
  • G-VIIL
  • G-YMMJ
  • G-YMMR -> Operated LHR-LIM, 28/3
  • G-YMMG
  • G-VIIF
  • G-YMMH
  • G-YMMK
  • G-YMML
Boeing 777-200ER (London Gatwick)
  • G-VIIO
  • G-VIIP
  • G-VIIR
  • G-VIIT
  • G-VIIU
  • G-VIIV
  • G-VIIW
  • G-VIIX
  • G-VIIY
  • G-YMMB
  • G-YMMD
  • G-YMME
Boeing 777-300ER (Cardiff)
  • G-STBF
Boeing 777-300ER (London Heathrow*)
  • G-STBK
  • G-STBL
Boeing 777-200 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-ZZZA
  • G-ZZZB
Boeing 787-8 (Cardiff)
  • G-ZBJF
Boeing 787-8 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-ZBJA
  • G-ZBJC
  • G-ZBJD
  • G-ZBJG
  • G-ZBJK
Boeing 787-9 (Cardiff)
  • G-ZBKB
Boeing 787-9 (London Heathrow*)
  • G-ZBKC
  • G-ZBKE
  • G-ZBKG – BA5, LHR-HND, 1/4
  • G-ZBKJ
  • G-ZBKK – BA227, LHR-ATL, 1/4
  • G-ZBKN
  • G-ZBKR
  • G-ZBKH
  • G-ZBKS

* It should be noted that the aircraft at London Heathrow are parked as opposed to stored. Therefore whilst they may still operate flights after spending a few days on the ground. Such as the case with G-XWBB and G-TTNF.

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