Gatwick Airport FINALLY has a domestic arrivals

Ever since the demolition and reconstruction of pier 1 at Londons Gatwick Airport, passengers arriving on a domestic flight have had endure the hassle of deboarding via jet bridge, and then head downstairs and on to the ramp where you’d board a waiting bus.

As of today, this will no longer be needed as the airport has opened a dedicated domestic arrivals route at a cost of £24million.

Whilst it could sometimes be a bit of a novelty getting up close and personal with a plane you’d just arrived on, if it was raining, then it wasn’t so much fun. I speak from personal experience.

Previously, when arriving from the UK before the pier 1 reconstruction, you had your picture taken, handed a card as you disembarked which you then had to hand in as you exited to go back landside. During which time all departing passengers had to wait their turn to pass through the same corridor until the arriving passengers had cleared, as witnessed by myself way back in 2012.

Finally the South Terminal has an adequate domestic arrivals process. 

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