Frankfurt: City Guide

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Frankfurt: City Guide
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As there’s not too much in the way of landmarks in Frankfurt, this city guide probably wont be too long. However, if you have a few hours between flights, as I did, then there’s enough there to kill a few hours.

As you’ll likely be coming from the airport, you’ll be arriving at the HBF. A return ticket will set you back just over €9.

Frankfurt HBF

As you exit the station, you’ll be greeted with an interesting row of buildings.

Cross over the main road and head away from the station. Admittedly, this isn’t the classiest part of town but I’ve walked along here many times without issue.

After a few minutes walking, you’ll reach the Gallusanlage. A pleasant enough park, which is home to the Euro-Skulptur.

As you exit the park, make a left on to Neue Mainzer StraBe.

Along here, you’ll reach the Maintower. This is the 4th tallest building and Germany and features a pair of public viewing platforms. Entry will set you back €7.50.

Once you’re done at the Main Tower, turn left as you exit. And then make another left once you reach the first main road. This will lead you into the centre of the city.

Time For Coffee

As you head down the road to the city, make a right hand turn on to Kirchnerstraße. On the left hand side of the road, you’ll have a couple of options. First up is Bunca Barista. A few doors down is Coffee Fellows, which have a number of branches in the city. Failing this, there are a number of Starbucks around too!

Into The City

Once you’re at the end of this street, make a left to set yourself back on course for the city.

As you hit the main “high street” as such, head right to take you into the main centre. On the left theres a fairly large shopping centre if that’s your thing. If not, carry on!

As you pass the shopping centre, make a right turn. This will take you in the direction of the old town and cathedral. This will take you right past the cathedral.

Carry on this route until you reach the river. Make a right hand turn to walk along the river. Admittedly, this is a far more pleasant experience in the summer!

The Old Town

Upon reaching the first bridge, you’ll be wanting to head back into town again. Once you’ve taken a pic of the skyline from the Iron bridge.

After a few steps, you’ll reach Romerberg – the old town.


As you continue to head away from the old town, you’ll find yourself back at the Main Street. Head left along here. Before long you’ll reach the opera house.


Opposite this, is another park. Take a walk through there, and you’ll eventually end up in the same park that we were in earlier. Keep walking, until you reach the Euro-Skulptur.


On the opposite side of the road is Chicago Meatpackers. I’ve visited this restaurant more than a few times now and they do some great burgers!

Once you’re done eating, it’s probably time to head back to the airport. As you exit the restaurant make a left turn. The main road will take you straight back to the HBF.

Frankfurt HBF

Fancy Something More Traditional To Eat?

If you’re not in the market for a full meal at Chicago Meatpackers, how about stopping off for a beer whilst you’re taking a walk? A few steps from the Opera House is Zum Bitburger. More traditional German food is also served here, so if thats your thing…

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