Flying BA From T5 Today? Pack A Sandwich…

According to this thread, NONE of the British Airways long haul flights departing from Terminal 5 Heathrow today (Sat 18th January) are being catered. A number of BA long haul flights are currently facing minor delays. Although its unclear whether this is related or not.

This is due to a power failure at Gate Gourmet.

The issue has been somewhat confirmed by British Airways on Twitter, although no formal announcement has been made.

I can only assume that no catering means just that. So even if you had shelled out many thousands on a First Class ticket, you’ll be provided with nothing. Even if you are heading to Singapore.

I had a similar situation on a flight back from Lisbon in the summer of 2019. On that occasion, drinks were offered but absolutely nothing to eat.

BA lack of catering

No mention on the value of the voucher being offered. From personal experience, I have only heard of £5 being dished out. Which on the occasion I was given one, didn’t get an awful lot.

Even so, if you’re on one of the longer BA routes, to Singapore for example, the chances are you’ll be a little hungry by the end of the flight.

Hopefully for those involved, the issue will be resolved by the end of the day in order to cater for the Far East departures. However, there are some flights to the USA and Africa that are scheduled for departure this morning. BA117 to New York JFK left with an hours delay. BA195 to Houston, due to depart at 09:30 is currently an hour late and counting. It’s the same for the BA207 to Miami, although that flight departs from Terminal 3 so could be unrelated.

Further delays include the BA53 to Seattle, BA139 to Mumbai, BA175 to New York JFK, BA 75 to Lagos and the BA283 to Los Angeles is currently posting a 25 minute delay.

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