Fly British Airways From Oslo To London for Less Than £1.50!

It’s started.

A lot of questions have been asked over the past few weeks as to whether airlines will start reducing prices once things start up again.

In general, nobody knows. They could either charge rock bottom prices in order to entice people back on board. Or they could hike the prices right up in order to make as much from the few people that are on board.

From taking a look around earlier, I stumbled across some very cheap British Airways fares from Oslo.

The basic price was 109NOK, which works out to £8.39. This is a bargain in itself.

However, by spending 850 Avios, the price can be reduced to just 19NOK. Or £1.46.

The major downside of this is that the flight is in just over a month. With the current situation unlikely to be resolved within that time, it’s a bit of a risk to book this fare to say the least.

Then there’s the fact you need to find a way to Oslo too.

Either way, it amused me to see a plane fare for less than a bus fare. Still, if you want to take a punt on this, the fare can be found here:

The reasoning behind this fare is that Norway have suspended all departure taxes and fuel surcharges on departures in order to help the airlines out and to encourage tourism once things get going again.

And BA get bashed for being expensive.

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