Flighty vs. App In The Air: Which is best?

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using a number of apps to try and give me the latest information on my flight when I’m at the airport. The main three being TripIt, CheckMyTrip and App In The Air. 

However, recently a new app was brought to my attention. This one was called Flighty. Where as TripIt is more of a master calendar of your trip, including transportation/parking details at the airport and includes excursions and dinner reservations, Flighty appeared to be more similar to App In The Air.

Both apps offer a free trial period for their premium plans of 14 days. After this, App In The Air will cost you between £0.99 and £48.99 depending on which plan you opt for in the App Store. Flighty offers a more simplified plan – either £8.49/month or £47.99/year.

With regards to importing flights, both app’s can import from TripIt and both apps have an email address that you can forward your confirmation emails to. I’ve not had any reason to forward my emails to App In The Air, as the TripIt sync has always worked pretty flawlessly. However, with Flighty, it failed to import one flight from TripIt, so I used the email option. This failed though, with an error saying the email didn’t contain enough information. Luckily, adding flights manually is straight forward.

Time to take the apps on the road

If you’ve been following this site, you’ll know that during September I was on a fairly big trip. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out both the apps in the real world.

First of all, App in the Air proved to be more useful to me personally due to the fact they have a pretty good Apple Watch complication. No need to go digging around on my phone – the info was right on my wrist, and for the most part generally up to date.

Watch App

As far as phone updates go, there really wasn’t anything to choose between the two.

Phone updates

When it comes to interface, I much preferred Flighty, Especially on the iPad. Although this is down to personal preference.

Flighty interface

As far as information goes, App in the Air gives you the more basic information that you need.

Flighty on the other hand goes more in depth, which could be a little too much info for some.

Flighty interface

Another difference between Flighty and App in the Air is that Flighty gives more detail when it comes to timing. App in the Air gives more basic gate to gate times. Which is fine for those who want a more basic overview of things.

Flighty times

One interesting feature I found with Flighty was that it mapped out the exact route we flew. And it did this as soon as the flight plan was filed, sometimes over 12 hours before the flight.

Flighty route

App in the Air on the other hand provides a generic point to point map.

App in the Air route

Whilst App in The Air was pretty much trouble free, some of the extra features that Flighty include weren’t as reliable. The main example being that it didn’t appear to know the registration for my initial flight with TAP, despite FlightRadar24 showing the aircraft as already being en-route to Heathrow.

Flighty aircraft
Flightradar24 Info

This was the only occasion I experienced this issue however. Throughout the rest of the trip, it worked pretty flawlessly. It even alerted me to the aircraft on my Dallas-Chicago flight being downgraded from a 787 to an A321 before the American Airlines app did. This allowed me to get a jump on the rest when it came to re-assigning my seat.

What About Previous Flights?

With App in the Air, I was able to import all of my previous flights into the app. Admittedly, as I’ve been using it for a good few years now, I can’t really remember how this worked, but I’m sure it was a direct .CSV import from my.flightradar24.com.

App in the Air
App in the Air

With Flighty, it imports everything from TripIt. As such, it only has my flights going back as far as 2017 as that’s when I started using TripIt. There may be a similar import function to App in the Air, but it’s not immediately obvious.

Flighty stats

My Thoughts

To be honest there really isn’t much to choose between the two. I prefer the look and interface of Flighty. But its almost double the price of App in the Air if paying monthly. Both apps get their information directly from the airline so with regards to notifications, they’re identical. With regards to information, Flighty has plenty including historical performance of the flight, how many times you’ve flown a particular route and on which aircraft. If you’re into stats like I am, there’s more than enough to keep you happy. If not, then App in the Air is fine for those wanting the basic information as to when their flight will depart and arrive but aren’t too bothered about the more detailed stats.

A further feature that App in the Air offers that Flighty doesn’t is automatic check in. I have used it once many years ago, with success although I prefer to do it myself!

Flighty is for the enthusiast. App in the Air is for the more casual flyer.

One final note is that Flighty was pretty quick to update its app for IOS13 with a pretty slick looking dark mode.

App in the Air has also now updated their app to be compatible with IOS13… but Flighty got there first!


App in the Air:


One thought on “Flighty vs. App In The Air: Which is best?

  • 1st December 2019 at 23:51

    Was a huge fan of Flighty until Thanksgiving weekend. On December 1, it failed. Data issues. MY flight data was never updated. Shame, not a cheap app either. But on the most important travel day of the year in 2019, complete failure.


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