Finnair To Convert Two A350’s For Cargo Use

Finnair will remove the passenger seats from two of its Airbus A350 aircraft in order to carry more cargo.

With passenger numbers declining over the past 6 weeks, cargo operations have done the opposite. Therefore the airlines are taking advantage of this.

Although the coronavirus pandemic  has had a significant impact  on our passenger  traffic, Finnair still  maintains  cargo connections between Europe and Asia. Our committed team works around the clock to ensure that our customers receive the protective equipment and other supplies needed to fight the coronavirus  pandemic.

We are  working tirelessly on our  cargo  operations  during these exceptional times.  Cargo  traffic  is  crucial  at the moment, and I am glad that we have been able to implement a new business model and quickly create a new freight network.  I want to thank the entire Finnair team for their incredibly hard work.

Mikko Tainio, Managing Director of Finnair Cargo.   

Finnair will operate ten freight only flights this week to Japan, Korea and China. The airline has been limited to carrying freight in the aircrafts belly for these flights however.

Cargo being loaded into an A350
© Finnair

By removing the passenger seats from the aircraft, this allows the airline to carry far more cargo.

Finnair A350, February 2018

As well as the obvious medical supplies, Finnair is also carrying their usual freight from the Far East.

A number of airlines have launched dedicated freighter flights over the past few weeks. American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air Canada are just a few. All of the above are using passenger aircraft to operate these flights.

As of yet, only Air Canada has removed the seats from one of their passenger aircraft in order to carry more cargo. I guess it will only be a matter of time before more airlines follow.

Air Canada 777 stripped of its seats © Air Canada

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