Finnair Schengen Lounge, Helsinki

The Finnair Schengen Lounge is one of three that are operated by the airline at its home base. The first of them to be refurbished, this particular one didn’t undergo a refurbishment that was quite as extensive. It was more a case of some new furniture and fittings than anything. It serves mostly the short haul European flights, so sees quite a bit of footfall.


The Finnair Schengen Lounge is located next to gate 22 on the first floor, in the Schengen area of the terminal. 

Entry Requirements

  • Business Class ticket on a OneWorld operated flight or
  • OneWorld Sapphire Card or
  • OneWorld Emerald Card or
  • Paid access during off peak hours for €48

The Lounge

The lounge is set out in almost backwards L shape – matching the corner of the terminal.

As you enter, there is a self scan boarding pass gate, or an assistant should you have any issues. As you head to the right after entry, the first thing you will likely notice is a Finnair tail.

Also in this area are some rather retro looking seats.

Beyond this, the area is designated to be a work area with communal tables featuring power ports. There are also individual seating areas. 

As you head back out of this area, you find yourself in the area labelled food market on the above plan. This is as it’s described. There are a pair of buffets, which serve hot breakfast items between 05:30 and 10:30 followed by a selection of salads sandwiches and a couple of hot dishes for the rest of the day.

In this area is a self serve bar. 

Behind this, is the second buffet, but I’ve found it is rarely in use. 

In this area are a number of high tables and chairs, along with nearby power points.

In order to prevent you from staring at a complete stranger, there are a number of faux plants and flowers set along the middle of the table. 

Finnair Schengen Lounge

Heading further along the lounge, there are a range of different seating options. Each area is somewhat segregated, meaning that despite this being a fairly large lounge, it doesn’t feel too open.

Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge

As you reach the far end of the lounge, you’re into a relaxation area. This is a room with a number of more comfortable chairs. At the far end are a pair of massaging recliners, along with blankets. 

Finnair Schengen Lounge
Finnair Schengen Lounge

Throughout the lounge, there are great views across the apron. 

Other Notes

Provided in the lounge is a number of reading materials. Also on offer are a number coffee machines dotted around. The lounge does feature its own washrooms and showers. However, I haven’t used the showers. The washrooms are quite basic – only a minor step up from the publicly available ones in the terminal actually. 

And finally, as you exit, there is a fairly generous number of Fazer chocolates on offer!


The Finnair Schengen lounge is another strong lounge from Finnair at their home base. Whilst its not quite on the same level as either the newly opened Non-Schengen lounge or Platinum Wing, it’s certainly a decent area to wait for a flight.

The main downside of this lounge though, is that it can get very busy on the weekdays. Despite having seating for 320, theres been occasions when I’ve struggled to find a seat. 

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