Finnair Economy Comfort, Airbus A350, Tokyo Narita – Helsinki


Following my arrival from Nagoya, it was on to the international area of the terminal. Annoyingly, there isn’t an airside connection area so you’re thrown out into the departure hall and pretty much have to start again.

This meant clearing security on Japanese soil for the second time in as many hours. Luckily there was a fast track, so this wasn’t too much hassle. Especially seeing as the regular line was pretty long.

Once the formalities were complete, I made my way up to the JAL first lounge for a bite to eat. I reviewed this lounge in the previous part of this series, so won’t say anything else here. Other than I had a tasty, if a little small breakfast.

As my flight was due to depart from the satellite terminal, I made my way over there and paid a visit to the Qantas lounge. I last visited here in 2013 and nothing had changed since!

Qantas lounge, Tokyo Narita

This Trip:

Tokyo Narita – Helsinki
Airbus A350-900 OH-LWF
Seat 21L
December 2019


In typical Japanese fashion, the boarding area was set out in a very logical way. There was one lane for business class, then a separate lane for groups 1 and 2 travelling in economy.

An announcement was made saying that boarding would be delayed for ten minutes. No reason was given though.

Once boarding got underway, I reached a seat that was somewhat familiar, having sat in it just a couple of weeks previously. On that occasion it was a much shorter flight.

Economy Comfort Seat

Ready and waiting was a pillow, blanket, noise cancelling headphones and an amenity kit that was packaged differently to what I received on my flight back from New York. These are an extra perk for those seated in the Economy Comfort cabin.

Economy Comfort amenities

There was also a bottle of water provided, which is always very welcome. Again, I’m led to believe this is exclusive to the Economy Comfort cabin.


Our departure was delayed by 15 minutes due to heavy traffic at the airport. In addition to this, a heavy headwind was expected to delay our arrival somewhat too.

Pushback finally came a good half an hour behind schedule. As promised, a 15 minute journey over to the active runway followed. Not that an awful lot could be seen en route.

Eventually we made it up into the rain.

Onboard Service

Shortly after departure, pre packed wet towels were handed out by the crew.

The service plan was mapped out on the IFE, along with what would be served for the main course. It was a choice of chicken or chicken advertised, although in reality it was chicken or pork.

I opted for the chicken and it was pretty tasty, even if it didn’t look like much.

Economy Comfort Meal
Economy Comfort Meal

This was accompanied with a choice of drink.

Economy Comfort Drinks

This was followed with a round of tea or coffee.

Economy Comfort Drinks

Once the service had finished, the purser came and welcomed me on board, asked if there was anything I needed and said that we weren’t due to arrive too late, so my connection to Stockholm should be fine. I was also offered a drink, but as I’d just had one with my meal, I didn’t really fancy one.


Whilst the Finnair A350 features an updated entertainment system over their A330’s, content wise, it’s identical.

I purchased a full flight WiFi pass for just under €20. The speeds were perfectly usable, although I doubt that streaming anything would be possible. It was fine for messaging and surfing however.

Much like my flight from New York on Finnair, the hours complimentary internet access for economy comfort passengers wasn’t existent. Maybe you actually have to purchase your seat as opposed to getting it free with status?

As per usual, nothing much took my fancy on the IFE, so for the majority of the flight I was reliant on my iPad.

Economy Comfort Views
Finally clear of the weather.

During the flight, the crew made a number of drinks runs.

Economy Comfort Drinks

In addition, there was also water and juice set up in the rear galley.

Economy Comfort

It was a little odd being on a flight that departed at lunch time, arrived in the afternoon and which got dark – yet the sun never set.

The amenity kit contents were a little basic: Toothbrush, eye mask, socks and ear plugs. The usual bits.

Economy Comfort Amenity kit

Second Service

The second service began with 1h50 remaining. I was surprised that not only was it more than just a sandwich, but there was also a choice. There was either a chicken curry or shrimp and noodles. I went for the noodles.

Economy Comfort Catering
Economy Comfort Catering
Economy Comfort Catering

It was pretty tasty, although a little dry. Could have done with some sauce. Afterwards, once more, a tea and coffee round was done.

Economy Comfort Catering


Shortly before descent, Fazer chocolates were handed out.

Economy Comfort Catering

The purser came and gave me another update on my connection, and said I have around 45 minutes. A few moments later, a notification popped up on my phone saying the flight was delayed by 15 minutes anyway, so it was a non issue really.

Economy Comfort Views

Touchdown came, and it was a reasonably quick journey over to the stand.

Economy Comfort Views

As the forward business cabin was empty from what I could see, it didn’t take too long to disembark and make my way off to the next flight.


The last (and only) time I had flown Finnair long haul previously, the flight was ok, but nothing more. I kept an open mind though. This flight was much more enjoyable. The food was far better, which didn’t come as a surprise. As I’m sure I mentioned in the report from that previous flight, I’ve found that no matter what the airline or class, the catering from the USA has always been a little sub par.

I found the Economy Comfort seat far more comfortable than the Japan Airlines premium economy seat that I experienced on the flight to Japan.

Finnair are fast becoming one of my favourite airlines!

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