Finnair Airbus A320, Helsinki – Stockholm Arlanda


Following a slightly later than anticipated arrival from Tokyo on board the Finnair A350, it was time to put Helsinki’s claim that transfers are quick and easy to the test.

As most, of not all flights from Asia have to re clear security in Helsinki, this was a minor hinderance but it was very efficient so only took a couple of minutes.

As most people had short connections to make, I’m guessing they were a little more switched on compared to those that know they have a couple of hours to kill.

This doesn’t work. Unsurprisingly, people still stand around in this area.

I made it to the gate just as the incoming aircraft was arriving from Oulu. I could have paid the lounge a visit for 15 minutes or so, but to be honest, I’d been there more than enough over the previous few weeks! So I hung around at the gate.

Finnair a320

This Trip:

Helsinki – Stockholm Arlanda
Airbus A320 OH-LXM
Seat 5F
December 2019


Boarding was somewhat amusing. It began pretty much as we were originally scheduled to depart. By this point, people were getting a little anxious. From what I could see, a lot of the people around me had groups 3 and 4 printed on their boarding passes.

Finnair boarding

For their Schengen departures, Finnair uses automated gates for the most part. And they have programmed them to only allow the group that has been called through.

Once boarding was announced, most people moved forwards. Although very few, if any, actually were granted entry. Rather than move though, the two people in the automated gates just stood there. Only when the staff intervened and pretty firmly to told them to move out of the way, did they move and the lanes became clear for group 1 to board.

The plus side of this was that boarding was completed pretty quickly. The flight was reasonably busy, but not completely full. The middle seat remained empty, which always makes for a more comfortable ride.

Finnair cabin
Finnair cabin

Flight time was given as 45 minutes.


We pushed back 20 minutes behind schedule.

As our journey over to the takeoff runway involved crossing the landing runway, we were caught in a bit of a traffic jam for a couple of minutes.

Upon getting underway again, it was pretty much nonstop and we were airborne a few moments later.

Onboard Service

The drinks trolley took its time to roll towards the front of the cabin. I wanted to take advantage of Finnair’s free drink for OneWorld Emerald policy. I must admit, I’ve taken a liking to Karhu beer… however it was tea, coffee or water only on this flight. Water it was then.

Finnair catering
Finnair cabin
Finnair cabin


The 10 minutes to landing call was given around 30 minutes after take off.

As Arlanda is somewhat in the middle of nowhere by comparison to a lot of other airports, there wasn’t too much to be seen on approach.

The flight arrived on to stand just over 20 minutes behind schedule. Being an arrival from a Schengen destination, I was outside the terminal in just a few minutes.


There’s not too much to be said about this one, other than yet again, the flight had a minor delay. Although on this occasion, the delay saved me somewhat.

It was a little odd that a full service wasn’t offered on this route. Other airlines manage on shorter sectors, so I wonder why its such an issue for Finnair? Although it wasnt a major issue at the end of the day.

They got me to my destination more or less on time, in comfort.

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