Final Five Virgin Atlantic A350 Names Emerge

The final five Virgin Atlantic A350 names have emerged on Jethros fleet statistics site. They will be:

  • G-VBOB Soul Rebel
  • G-VELJ Benny Jet
  • G-VLIB Lady Emmeline
  • G-VNVR Wendy Darling
  • G-VWHY Delilah

Hmm. Is it just me or have Virgin Atlantic started to lose a bit of their creativity when it comes to naming their planes? In the old days, we had Jetstreamer, China Girl, Lady Penelope, Wild Thing and more. These latest generation just don’t seem the same to me. The new arrivals will join the seven A350’s that Virgin Atlantic have been introducing to their fleet since mid-2019:

  • G-VDOT Ruby Slipper
  • G-VJAM Queen of Hearts
  • G-VLUX Red Velvet
  • G-VPOP Mamma Mia
  • G-VPRD Rain Bow
  • G-VRNB Purple Rain
  • G-VTEA Rosie Lee

The additional Airbus A350’s will be delivered to Virgin Atlantic later this year and early into 2022. This comes after they deferred a number of deliveries due to the pandemic. It has also been questioned as to whether the airline would take delivery of the Airbus A330neo. Virgin Atlantic have been slow to reintroduce the A330-300 to their fleet. However, a couple are now up and running on cargo missions.

First A330neo Names Appear Too

After confirming back in December 2020 that they have every intention of taking delivery of the aircraft, the first Virgin Atlantic A330neo names and registrations have also appeared on the site:

  • G-VEWR Liberty Belle
  • G-VJAZ Creole Queen
  • G-VMGM Movie Queen
  • G-VMIX Virgin and Tonic
  • G-VRIO Carnival Queen
  • G-VJAX
  • G-VJOY

Once more, these aren’t a patch on previous names in my opinion. Movie queen seems especially weak, although I get the tie up with the MGM registration. Maybe Lioness would be a better fit? Although the MGM lion is clearly male, so maybe not.

Also of note is that there are a few names that have been recycled. Rosie Lee first appeared on a Little Red A320 back in 2013. Liberty Belle was originally assigned to G-VNYC, an A330-300. This was until it was pointed out that the Liberty Belle is in fact in Philadelphia. Carnival Queen was previously allocated to a second hand Boeing 747-200 that the airline acquired in the late 1990’s.

What’s your take on the Virgin Atlantic A350 names? And the A330neo names for that matter.

Images © Virgin Atlantic

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