Fancy seeing your plane pics on the BBC?

A new series featuring plane spotting will be starting on Tuesday 23rd July at 20:00 on BBC4 in the UK and the BBC are looking for your pics to possibly be featured on the show!

Details on how to submit your pictures can be seen on the BBC website here:

The first episode is billed as “leading the nation in a mass planespot from an aeropark”. Make of that what you will, but from the thumbnail on the website it looks like it could be Myrtle Avenue near Heathrow. As of today (22nd July) the afternoon arrivals runway at Heathrow is currently 27L, so this will fit in nicely with that, providing the wind doesn’t change direction and they end up landing on 09L of course.

As for international airings, I cant seem to find any details but like most of these things I suspect that the episodes will likely end up on YouTube very shortly.

The three part series will be as follows:

Tuesday 23rd July, 20:00:
Peter Snow, joined by avid planespotter Andi Peters, leads the nation in a glorious mass planespot

Wednesday 24th July, 20:00:
Peter Snow and Andi Peters present the second programme of Planespotting Live where their attention turns to spotting the workhorses of the sky – the short-haul planes.

Thursday 25th July 20:00:
Peter Snow hosts the final episode of Planespotting Live from an aeropark. Tonight, we are looking at military planes, the fastest and most innovative of them all.

Should be an interesting watch. I wonder how many of your pictures will be featured?

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