Eurostars Ibiza

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Eurostars Ibiza
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As it was the off season in Ibiza, virtually all of the hotels were very cheap. Seeing as most of the chains aren’t represented on the island, this meant an opportunity to go off brand a little.

Remembering I had a 10% off voucher just from accepting the invitation to join the Eurostars program after my stay in Lisbon last year, this made the most sense.

I was able to get one of the better hotels for just over £70.

Although it almost didn’t happen. Despite being on a book now, pay at the hotel rate, the hotel still attempted to take the full amount there and then. As I hadn’t topped up my travel account due to just returning from my Japan trip the previous day, they were out of luck.

A few moments later, I received an email from the hotel saying that if I didn’t provide alternate means of payment, my reservation would be cancelled. I responded stating that it was made clear when booking that zero would be taken, and that I would pay at the hotel as arranged. That was the last I heard…

Check In

When arriving at the hotel, no mention was made of any cancellation or that the pre-authorisation that they attempted to take was declined. I was checked in without too much fuss, and 45 minutes early too.

As part of the Eurostars loyalty scheme, all members get free breakfast. Probably one of the more generous schemes out there! Even as an IHG Platinum in 2019, I only received that the once. Although as breakfast wasn’t due to start until 08:00, it was likely I’d miss out on it anyway.

The Room

Upon making my way up to my room, the hotel reminded me somewhat of an American motel, as there were no corridors. Everything was outside. This wasn’t a security issue though, as everyone entering the premises had to go past the front desk.

The room itself was more of a suite – and I’m led to believe this was the standard room type here. As usual, the bathroom was immidiately to the right as I entered.

Eurostars Ibiza Bathroom
Eurostars Ibiza Bathroom

Everything here was standard, although the shower deserves a special mention. It was probably one of the best I’d experienced in a hotel. The pressure was great, as was the temperature.

There were the usual amenities provided in the bathroom.

Heading back outside, and opposite the bathroom was a small kitchen area. This consisted of a sink, toaster, fridge and a hob. There were also various utensils provided. I guess most people stay here for at least a couple of weeks.

This was where the minibar was situated.

Heading into the room, and there was a decent sized living area.

Eurostars Ibiza Room
Eurostars Ibiza Room
Eurostars Ibiza room

In this area was a dining table and chairs.

Beyond this, was the bedroom area. This featured a decent sized bed, along with a pair of wardrobes.

Eurostars Ibiza Bedroom

Off the bedroom was a small balcony. Although the view wasn’t that great, as it overlooked the street out the front. One minor complaint was that it wasn’t overly soundproofed, meaning I heard a few cars driving by during the night.

WiFi was provided free of charge and was a decent speed.

The Pool Area

Up one level from where my room was located was a pool and terrace area. During the summer season, I’d imagine it would be a decent area to be. There was a bar up there also. Although during my visit in January, it was a bit of a ghost town to say the least!

Eurostars Ibiza Pool
Eurostars Ibiza Pool


Despite being advertised as starting at 08:00 on a Sunday, breakfast was well underway when I went to check out at 07:40. I took a brief look at what was on offer. Although it looked fairly comprehensive, nothing jumped out at me to the point it made me want to leave myself with less time than I wanted to get to the airport.

Eurostars Ibiza Breakfast
Eurostars Ibiza breakfast


Despite the issues when it came to booking, the Eurostars Ibiza was a very solid hotel. It seemed to be quite new, as everything in the room was spotless. There were a number of useful amenities for a longer stay. The price point at this time of year was an absolute steal. It’s just a shame that I wasn’t able to stay for breakfast.

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