EasyJet Flight Makes History

An EasyJet flight between Berlin Tegel and Vienna made history this morning. Becoming the first flight by the airline to offset carbon emissions, the airline aims to offset the carbon emissions from all of its flights from today.

Operated by an eight year old Airbus A320, the flight was made in just 57 minutes.

Easyjet flight 5841 route

This is one of many initiatives that EasyJet is undertaking. In 2017, the airline took delivery of its first new generation Airbus A320neo aircraft. Featuring quieter and more efficient engines, the updated aircraft is up to 21% more efficient than the previous model.

Moving into the future, EasyJet is studying the feasibility of operating hybrid and electric aircraft. Both Wright Electric and Airbus are currently working on projects, which have the support of EasyJet.

Easyjet electric aircraft
© EasyJet

Further initiatives by the airline go beyond offsetting carbon emissions. The airline has reduced the amount of plastic used on board. Discounts are offered to passengers who provide their own container for a hot drink. Gone are the plastic stirrers used for hot drinks, replaced with wooden spoons. And finally, rather than providing a plastic cup for passengers to discard their tea bag, the airline now provides a bowl made from natural resources.

For more information on EasyJets carbon offsetting schemes, see here:


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