EasyJet | Airbus A320neo | Gatwick – Glasgow

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EasyJet | Airbus A320neo | Gatwick – Glasgow
➔ Hilton Garden Inn, Glasgow City Centre
➔ EasyJet | Airbus A320 | Glasgow – Gatwick


In May 2021, I was informed that I would be needed in Glasgow for work. Initially, the company wanted to make the 8 hour or so drive, from where I live in Surrey. Erm, no thanks! A bit of persuasion later, and they agreed that I would be able to fly up instead.

Being a business trip, this meant I had to get what I was given. And what I was given was an EasyJet return from Gatwick to Glasgow, heading up on the Sunday and returning the following Friday. 

Obviously, British Airways would have been preferred – mostly for the ‘free’ Avios and tier points. But EasyJet was still a better option than driving. And I wasn’t too disappointed in any case. It had been a few years since I had last flown with the orange airline, so it was about time I reacquainted myself with them.

In February 2021, EasyJet introduced a tight new baggage policy.

EasyJet cabin baggage policy

I had intended on taking my cabin bag, which has been on many airlines, no questions asked. This wouldn’t be an option here though. As I had a standard seat booked, with no additional baggage, I was limited to taking just the one small bag that could fit under the seat. Not ideal for nearly a week away. Although I just about made it work. I did consider taking my cabin bag anyway, and sending the company the bill when I inevitably got charged for it, but didn’t want to push my luck. 

As it turned out, I was able to squeeze everything into the biggest small bag I had. Although it did mean I had to wear the same shoes all week.

The Day Of Departure

For well over a year now, Gatwick has only operated a single terminal. I arrived at the long stay car park just over 2 hours prior to departure and waited for the shuttle to the terminal. The last time I did this, my destination was far more exotic…

No issues finding a space today

Arrival at the terminal came around 2 hours prior to departure. The terminal was a little busier than I had expected, but still a far cry from what it would normally be like at the end of June.

Security was cleared in just a few minutes and I was then free to see the delights of the North terminal, via the Duty Free shop of course.

I would normally have a lounge to keep me entertained. Not so today. I could have probably gotten away with arriving 1h30 prior to departure and still had ample time. I took a brief pass of the shops before taking a look at some planes from the few windows.

A couple of heavies off to The Caribbean
Hardly representative of the summer season.

After a bit of a wander, I took up camp on a row of seats near to the domestic area of the terminal.

London Gatwick – Glasgow
Airbus A320neo G-UZHJ
Seat 8F
June 2021


As expected, one of the gates in the domestic corner of the terminal flashed up. As I was nearby, I was one of the first into the area. Also as expected, this mornings flight would be operated by an A320neo. Whilst EasyJet don’t list the aircraft type anywhere online, each sub type has their own distinct seat map. Therefore I was able to deduce what I would be on from this.

EasyJet A320neo

The flight wasn’t overly busy this morning, and it appeared that most passengers had speedy boarding. Meanwhile, I sat, waited and was able to walk on board afterwards without queuing at all. 

EasyJet cabin

As previously mentioned, the flight wasn’t particularly busy. Therefore I had a row to myself. The row in front was empty and all but one seat in the row behind was empty too. No wonder the airlines are complaining about losing a ton of money.

EasyJet cabin

Boarding was completed around 15 minutes before our scheduled departure. The captain announced a flying time of 1h5 up to Glasgow this morning.


Pushback came a few minutes ahead of schedule and we made an uninterrupted journey over to runway 08R. Along the way, we passed a number of British Airways aircraft that had been parked up. And the way things are going, they will likely be here for a while yet. 

A few moments later, we were leaving the grey skies behind and into something that looked a lot more pleasant.

EasyJet wingview

Onboard Service

The onboard service began not too long after departure. I ordered a meal deal of tea and a chocolate bar, which cost £4. Comparable to British Airways I guess. 

EasyJet on board service

There didn’t appear to be too many takers today. To be fair, if I was paying, I probably wouldn’t have bothered either, but as I could bill it to the company, and I hadn’t eaten yet…

EasyJet wingview

One thing to be noted is that the Recaro seats on board this aircraft (and many others to be fair), don’t lend themselves to laptop usage all that well. 

EasyJet cabin

This isn’t an EasyJet thing however. It’s a fairly common seat across Europe, with British Airways, Air France, TAP, Iberia and likely many others using it. So I suspect there will be similar issues there.

EasyJet cabin
EasyJet cabin


With around 25 minutes left to run, the engines spooled back and we made a very noticeable dip back towards solid ground. 

EasyJet wingview

The crew were a little slow clearing my rubbish away – only just noticing as they made their final pass of the cabin.

EasyJet cabin

Arrival into Glasgow was much like departure from Gatwick. Very quick, a few minutes early and surrounded by abandoned short haul BA planes. 

EasyJet wingview

Somewhat unsurprisingly, we were shoved into the less fancy part of the terminal. This involved disembarking via steps and making the short walk over to the terminal. Where as British Airways disembark in small groups by row number, EasyJet use the pre Covid procedure. As in everyone jumps up and stands in the aisle for ten minutes while they crack the door open.

EasyJet A320neo

Being a domestic arrival, there were no procedures to undertake. Simply follow the signs for the exit. 

EasyJet A320neo

It was then on to the express bus to the city, before heading for my hotel.


In all honesty, if you don’t have status with British Airways, then there really isn’t too much difference between the two airlines. Other than the very tight baggage restrictions with EasyJet.

One area that was different was the Covid restrictions. EasyJet still offer priority boarding. British Airways don’t. British Airways board strictly a few rows at a time from rear to front. EasyJet just gave the all aboard. It was much the same procedure on arrival too. 

I’ll be making a few of these trips up to Glasgow over the coming months. I’ll see if I can convince the powers that be to fly with British Airways on one of the occasions to see if I can gauge their opinion. 

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