EasyJet | Airbus A320 | Glasgow – Gatwick

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➔ EasyJet | Airbus A320neo | Gatwick – Glasgow
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EasyJet | Airbus A320 | Glasgow – Gatwick


Following a somewhat productive week with work, it was time to head back down south. Despite this being a work trip, I was still able to see a few of the delights of Glasgow.

I made my way from my work place to the airport via the subway, and then on to the airport bus.

Upon arrival, the airport wasn’t overly busy, as is the norm these days. Therefore security was cleared in only a few minutes.

Once I was airside, I walked the terminals, seeing what was going on outside. Not too much as it turned out. Inside or out.

Ghost town!

Therefore I made my way down to the EasyJet pier and waited. According to the Flighty app, I was due to fly back down south on G-EZRZ, a change from the planned A320neo. Although EasyJet don’t make the aircraft type public, you can decipher what you’ll be on by the seat map. Sure enough, G-EZRZ was parked up alongside the terminal, with not too much going on around it.

EasyJet A320 at Glasgow

I waited at the gate until boarding began. Again, in more or less isolation.

Glasgow – London Gatwick
Airbus A320 G-EZRZ
Seat 14F
June 2021


Boarding was a leisurely affair. There were a couple of pre boarders, before a general all aboard was given. And not even over the tannoy either. The gate agent simply shouted for the few people in the gate area to come forward. 

EasyJet A320 at Glasgow
EasyJet A320

I had suspected that this would be a very empty flight, however it turned out that there was hardly anyone in the gate area when boarding was announced. This was certainly very different from they typical boarding experience of a BA flight in the summer of 2019!

EasyJet A320 boarding

I made my way to the mid point of the plane, where my seat was located. Luckily, my manager had selected me window seats on both sectors. Although at just £1 per sector to select a seat on these flights, I could have easily stumped up had I not got what I wanted!

EasyJet A320 seating
The now commonplace Recaro SL3510

It was reasonably busy, but far from full once the boarding complete call was given. I’d estimate around a 60% load factor.

I initially had the row to myself, but once everyone had settled, the crew put someone in the aisle seat. Oh well, it could have been worse…

EasyJet A320 cabin
EasyJet A320 cabin


The doors were closed more than 10 minutes ahead of schedule. The captain announced a flying time of 1h10 minutes. Despite being ready to go early enough, we didn’t actually push back until just a few minutes before schedule. We made a damp taxi over to the runway before heading into some gloomy looking skies. 

EasyJet A320 wing view

Onboard Service

Due to the weather around, the crew weren’t released for service for a good 10-15 minutes after departure. I ordered much the same as on the flight up – tea and biscuits, for the price of £4.

EasyJet A320 cabin
EasyJet A320 wing view
EasyJet A320 wing view


Descent started, and it seemed like we were dipping down through the clouds for a very long time. The views on the way down were great however. 

EasyJet A320 cabin
EasyJet A320 wing view

On short finals, there was a very assertive PA. Basically telling someone to sit down as we would be landing in a matter of seconds. There did seem to be a far more eclectic mix of people on this flight, compared to British Airways. There were (what appeared to be) a number of business travellers – I reached this conclusion due to their attire. At the other end of the scale, there were quite a few novice travellers too. As evident by the fact someone jumped up moments before landing. 

Touchdown came into a very quiet Gatwick, and after a brief journey over to the North Terminal, we pulled up around 25 minutes ahead of schedule. 

EasyJet A320 landing

Due to this being a domestic arrival, there were no formalities to complete. Simply following the signs for the exit. 

EasyJet A320 at Gatwick
EasyJet A320 at Gatwick
EasyJet A320 at Gatwick
EasyJet A320 at Gatwick


Another good enough flight with EasyJet. As I likely mentioned in the previous part to this trip, if you don’t have any status with British Airways, then you likely won’t see too much difference between the two airlines. 

Although if departing from Glasgow, even if you do have status with BA, there likely won’t be any difference. The British Airways lounge is currently closed, as it has been since March 2020. Fast Track security was also shuttered.

So what do you get on British Airways, even with status, when departing Glasgow? Well, in my case, nothing. If I was paying for the flight, I’d have to pay to select a seat on EasyJet. However, my company sorted this, so I wouldn’t have even got this benefit on BA. 

The one and only benefit of British Airways over Easyjet is a personal one. Heathrow is nearer to me than Gatwick. But even then, it only added around 25 minutes to my journey home. Which was made up by the flight arriving early anyway. 

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