Dublin Airport Puts Tweeter In Their Place

Earlier this morning, Dublin Airport well and truly put what was likely to be a tongue in cheek Tweeter in their place.

I’m sure most of us have come across them over the past few months. I know I have. Despite the facts, figures and anything else you can throw at them, they simply refuse to back down on their views on the pandemic.

So I can see where Dublin Airport are coming from.

I have no idea who the original Tweeter is. To give the benefit of the doubt, I’ll assume it was just a tongue in cheek comment made whilst they were bored. We’ve all done it. Quite how Dublin Airport picked up on it is quite something though. The airport wasn’t mentioned. In fact, Dublin itself wasn’t mentioned.

It goes to show how assumption is rife at the moment. I’ve had it myself where people have said that I was responsible for importing the virus to the UK, as I was in Japan last December. As Japan, China, Singapore… it’s all the same was their answer. Despite the fact when I flew between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur in 2013, it was an 8 hour flight. By comparison, London to New York can be done in around 7 hours. Even more ridiculous is how one person can import a virus and single handedly infect… well, the entire planet.

Somehow, I dont think we will see the Heathrow Twitter account post anything like this anytime soon. Gotta love the Irish!

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