Delta Airlines: First Class, DTW-EWR, Airbus A220

Previous parts to this trip:

After arriving from Chicago, I had around two hours until my next flight to Newark. Once more, I had no lounge access, so I took a walk of the very long terminal.

Detroit terminal

This wasted around 45 minutes after which time I set up camp at the gate area with a couple of snacks.



The inbound aircraft arrived from Atlanta around twenty minutes prior to when our flight was scheduled to board.

Delta A220

Prior to boarding, the gate agent mentioned a gate to gate time of 1h29, and that we may be a little late due to the crew for this flight having only just arrived on a flight that parked at the opposite end of the terminal.

Also mentioned was the boarding procedure and that it would be strictly enforced.

The crew turned up 20 minutes prior to departure. Boarding got underway shortly afterwards.

On board

I was curious to see how Delta’s newest aircraft compared to the 717 that I flew in on.

Delta A220 seats

Ready and waiting at each seat was a small bottle of water, a pillow and blanket.


I found the seats offered a little more space compared to the 717, but not a huge amount.

Delta first class

The biggest difference was the personal entertainment screens in the seat back. Earphones were offered once boarding was completed.

Delta IFE

We were informed of a slot delay affecting our departure, but with a flying time of 1h6minutes, our arrival shouldn’t be affected by this.

Power was available at every First Class seat
The Delta A220 features a more basic overhead compared to the European examples


Pushback came around 10 minutes behind schedule.

Delta safety video

Despite the earlier announced slot delay, we made a quick taxi out to the runway and were number one for takeoff. It didn’t take too long before the views disappeared.


Onboard service

A few moments after departure, drink orders were taken. This arrived a while later, followed by the snack basket. The selection was a little different to the morning flight. It still contained crisps, biscuits etc. but different varieties.


What was on offer looked to be much the same as what was being handed out in economy.


As mentioned earlier, the Delta A220’s fleet has personal tv screens fitted at every seat. In first class, they’re a pretty decent size, and had a good picture quality.

Delta IFE

Content wise, there are a selection of films, tv shows and live tv. Although with this flight being just an hour, I stuck to the sky map.

WiFi was also available and unlike on the previous flight, it actually worked this time!


Descent started around 50 minutes after departure. The flight deck gave an update of the weather, landing runway and which stand we would be parking on.


We touched down ahead of schedule and were on stand twenty minutes early.

Delta A220 wingview

After this it was time to decide whether to take the bus or train into New York City. Both cost around the same, the train would potentially be quicker however I’d used the bus before – so that’s the option I went with!

EWR arrival
EWR arrival

My thoughts.

This flight was inline with virtually every other flight I’ve taken in the US service wise. The crew made a difference though. In general they were younger and therefore more enthusiastic than their AA counterparts experienced earlier in the week.

Bit of a shame that First Class and top tier frequent flyers don’t get access to the airlines’ lounges in the US, but this isn’t unique to Delta. It’s the same across the big three in the US so that can’t be held against them.

One more thing.

A few months back, I watched the following video from Paul Lucas featuring his experience with Delta.

I didn’t really think all that much of it after watching. However upon flying with Delta, the video came back into my mind. Both Delta aircraft I flew on had issues with their general housekeeping.

On the 717, there was more of a deep clean needed.

Delta cleaning

Where as on the relatively new A220, it was just sloppy cleaning after the previous flight.

A used (?) napkin in the seatback. Ok, I guess that was easy to miss.

Delta cleaning

Where as the previous passengers blanket stuffed down the side of the seat is a little harder to forgive.

Delta cleaning

It was hardly the end of the world, but upon boarding a flight I generally don’t find any evidence of the previous passenger. Not on Delta. As I said, minor issues but it was still something I picked up on.

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