Dan Lounge, Terminal 3 Concourse E, TLV

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Dan Lounge, Terminal 3 Concourse E, TLV
➔ British Airways World Traveller Plus, Boeing 777, TLV-LHR


Opposite gate E2, concourse E, Tel Aviv Ben Gurion terminal 3

Dan Lounge entry

Entry Requirements

During my visit, this lounge was open exclusively for eligible British Airways customers. 

  • British Airways First Class ticket or
  • British Airways Club World ticket or
  • British Airways Gold card holder or
  • British Airways Silver card holder

The sign outside also displayed the OneWorld Emerald and Sapphire logo’s. I can only presume that access is limited to those travelling on British Airways however. Having a BA Gold card whilst flying on Iberia probably won’t get you access.

As I visited the check in desk prior to this flight, I was handed two boarding passes. One was for the flight, where as the second had a sticker which was my lounge pass. Whether this is a requirement for entry or not, I couldn’t say. My own thought on this is that it would be a bit mean to deny entry without it, especially as British Airways make it pretty obvious which status you are on their mobile boarding passes. 

During the hours between British Airways flights, the Dan Lounge operates as an exclusive lounge for United Airlines Polaris customers. The sign hidden away in the corner of the reception area made mention of the fact that Star Alliance Gold card holders need to use one of the other Dan Lounges. 

The Lounge

I’ll say now that some details might be a little on the sparse side for this review. I wasn’t planning on doing a separate review for this lounge initially. Hopefully there will be enough to give you an idea of what the lounge is like though. 

The lounge itself is of a decent size, with plenty of seating options. As you pass through the reception area, to the right is the main lounge area. 

Most, if not all seats have tables and power points nearby.

In the centre of this part of the lounge are larger booth type seats, again with tables and power points. 

At the rear of this area is a coffee machine, along with a couple of basic snacks.

At the opposite end of the lounge, as you head back past the reception area is the bar. Anything more than coffee, water and juice is to be ordered at the bar. 

Both Carlsberg and Tuborg beers are on tap. Behind the bar are a selection of wines and the usual spirits including Glenlivet, Ballantines, Absolut, Smirnoff, Beefeater Captain Morgan, Cinzano and Stock 84. 

Dan Lounge Bar

In the bar area is a buffet, offering a basic salad selection. 

Dan Lounge catering
Dan Lounge catering

The only real hot option was soup.

Dan Lounge catering

Other than this, there were a selection of warm Israeli pastries. 

Dan Lounge Catering

Newspapers were on offer in this lounge, but other than the New York Times, the selection was entirely Israeli. There were also washrooms provided in this lounge. 

Dan Lounge


The Dan Lounge is generally good considering it is a third party outstation one. The fact it was exclusively for British Airways use was a huge plus point. I’d imagine that if it would be your standard pay to enter lounge, it would be a little difficult to find a spare seat, due to it not being overly big. 

The food options were ok. Pretty much standard fare for this type of lounge. The manned bar was a good touch though, although I didn’t actually use it. I stuck to coffee and water which was self serve. 

A final mention goes to the view – the lounge offered floor to ceiling windows which not only offered good views across the apron, but also let in a very good amount of natural light. 

Dan Lounge View

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