Crowne Plaza Times Square: Review

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Back to New York. I had initially booked the Intercontinental for the final night in the US. However, as the exchange rate continued to get progressively worse over the months, it became a little bit too expensive. As such, I cancelled that and went for the Crowne Plaza Times Square instead.

Crowne Plaza Times Square

Check in

I arrived at the hotel at around 5pm. Check in wasn’t too busy at this time, and I was seen straight away.

Once more, the whole card pre-authorisation game was played. This time, they wanted $75. Unfortunately, due to NONE of the previous pre-authorisations coming back, I was around £20 short. As such, I had to send a little more to it at the check in desk, and then wait a few minutes for it to clear. Awkward. I was hoping they would take the same attitude as at the HY36 down the road, but no such luck.

Although I was gifted both the points and a drink voucher rather than one or the other. I didn’t use the drink voucher though, as the bar looked a little busy when I returned in the evening. Plus I would have been using it just for the sake of using it rather than actually wanting a drink.

Crowne Plaza Times Square lobby

The Room

Once I was checked in, I made my way up to the 18th floor.

Crowne Plaza Times Square hallway

This was the biggest room I’ve had on the US leg of the trip. Upon entering, the bathroom area was to the right. This consisted of a sink in one area then the shower and toilet in a separate room beyond this.

Crowne Plaza Times Square Bathroom
Crowne Plaza Times Square Bathroom

There were the usual amenities around, although as I later found out, there was a lack of towels in the room. Luckily I discovered this before I got in the shower.


Continuing through, and I found a reasonably large corner room.

Crowne Plaza Times Square room
Crown Plaza Times Square room

At the far end was a lounger with a table.

Crowne Plaza Room

Along the front wall, was a desk with a couple of power points in the lamp. Pretty common in the US I’ve found.


Against the bathroom wall was the TV cabinet.

TV cabinet

This contained the tea and coffee facilities. Not the best picture in the world…

Tea and coffee

The most impressive part of this room though was the view.


My Thoughts

For the location, I thought the Crowne Plaza Times Square was excellent value. The room was big and more importantly clean. It wasn’t quite as modern as the HY36 down the road, but then the HY36 is more or less brand new.

One minor niggle was that despite a benefit of my IHG status being that I get a late check out, this wasn’t granted. No big deal really, it just meant that I had to be a little quicker getting back to the hotel once I had finished what I was up to in the morning.

One major niggle – you guessed it – the pre authorisation. Unlike the HY36, there was ZERO flexibility with this. And at the time of writing, nearly two weeks later, the charge still hasn’t fallen off my card. As I’ve made perfectly clear on this site previously, I think it’s an absolute joke that they are so keen to take these charges… yet when giving it back, well, too bad.

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