Review: Crowne Plaza, Newcastle Stephenson Quarter

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For a late arrival into Newcastle, a hotel near the main station was much preferred. There were two IHG properties which were suitable. One was the Indigo, the other being the Crowne Plaza. I considered both, however the Crowne Plaza eventually came out on top purely for the fact the rooms looked bigger. I hate box rooms!

Hotel EXT
Hotel exterior as seen the next day

I arrived at the hotel at around 23:30. There were four members of staff at the reception desk. One of which was on the phone, three others just hanging around. As soon as I approached the reception desk, the three members who were stood around took one look at me and all disappeared into a back office. Great first impression.

Lobby, whilst waiting to be checked in

The hotel immediately redeemed themselves though. The night manager came out to attend to me and was very warm and genuine. He said he was desperately trying to get me a good room upgrade but as it was late the best he could do for me was a king deluxe. I wasn’t overly concerned though. He explained pretty much everything to me and mentioned that the welcome points might take a few days to hit my account. And best of all, didn’t even mention needing to see my card for “incidentals”. Perfect! Some of my closer followers will know that is one of my pet hates when checking into a hotel. Not to mention it doesn’t give the best welcome when the first thing the staff member says when you arrive is “I need your card”.

My room was on the second floor.


Once I entered, I can’t say the room was anything overly spectacular. It wasn’t particularly bad, but if I hadn’t been told I’d been given an upgrade I probably wouldn’t have noticed.


This was a typical cookie cutter Crowne Plaza really. I’m led to believe this a fairly recent build, as when I looked it up on Google Earth for directions earlier in the week, it just showed a building site!


As such, everything was clean and well maintained. Plus there were a couple of power sockets and USB’s next to the bed – although I discovered that the USB’s shut off halfway through the night.


The bed was actually two singles pushed together – as such there was a noticeable gap in the middle of them. Either way, I slept just fine.

On the table were two complimentary bottles of water.


Hidden in a cupboard under the TV was a very well stocked tea and coffee tray.


Next to the TV was a tray of snacks which formed the mini bar.


In the top of the wardrobe was a pair of bath robes and a pair of slippers.


Moving on to the bathroom, there was both a bath and shower cubicle, which is much preferred to the bath/shower combo that appears in most places.


In keeping with the rest of the room, everything in here was spotless.


The internet speed was in line with most hotels. Not super fast, but perfectly usable.

In Conclusion

By using the criteria set out in this article, the Crowne Plaza Newcastle Stephenson Quarter scores very highly. The staff I encountered were (mostly) great, everything was clean, tidy and in good working order. Location wise it was within a reasonable walking distance of Newcastle central station, although on the opposite side of the entrance – meaning that despite as the crow flies it was more or less right next door to the station, you have to go a little out of the way to cross the tracks in order to reach the hotel. The best part of this hotel though was the price. With a pre pay rate of £50, this place was an absolute steal for a city centre hotel in peak season.

Crowne Plaza, Newcastle

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