Courtyard Munich City

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➔ BEA, Club Europe, Airbus A319, LHR-MUC
Courtyard Munich City
➔ British Airways, Club Europe, Airbus A319, MUC-LHR


Whilst there were a number of Marriott properties in Munich, most were not exactly central. With the exception of two. The LeMeridien and Courtyard were within a reasonable distance of the HBF. Although being at opposite ends of the Bonvoy spectrum, there was a bit of a price difference. Nearly £50 in the end. 

I was tempted by the LeMeridien, but the most sensible option was the Courtyard. I had stayed in a couple of these towards the end of 2019, and they were fine. Admittedly, the were both of the new concept properties. However, even the older ones I have stayed in have been acceptable.

Location wise, the hotel was as promised, a few minutes walk from Munich HBF. Therefore it was easily accessible by direct train from the airport. 

Check In

The check in process at the hotel itself was very quick. I had taken advantage of the online check in offered via the app, therefore only a signature on some paperwork was needed upon arrival. 

Courtyard Munich City Lobby

Despite a mobile key was being promised as on the way in the app, it never actually turned up. No big deal though. As is seemingly standard these days, a hold was placed on my card for an amount more than what was due. And also as standard, no mention was made of this. However, it was returned within a day or two. This still doesn’t make it an acceptable practice in my book though. 

Courtyard Munich City Lobby

The Room

The room I was allocated was on the 4th floor. From making the walk from the lift to my room, this was a surprisingly large property. 

Upon entry, there was the standard tea and coffee facilities to one side. 

Courtyard Munich City Facilities

Along with the bathroom – nothing overly special, but functional and most importantly, clean.

Courtyard Munich City Bathroom

Along with some basic amenities

Moving on to the main room, was a king sized bed. 

Courtyard Munich City Room

At the far end of the room was a small living area. I can confirm the seat was as uncomfortable as it looked. 

Courtyard Munich City Room

Along the front of the room was a desk area.

Adjacent to this was a big screen LCD TV, complete with very few English channels. Bar the standard BBC world and SkyNews. 

Underneath this area was a fridge, which was available for personal use. 

There was a more recent addition to the room.

The view from the room wasn’t particularly anything to write home about. Although I suspect this was a better option than being on the opposite side of the hotel which faced the street. It was a fairly major road, so likely to be a little noisy.


Overall, the Courtyard Munich city is a good option when you’re looking for somewhere nearby to the central station in Munich. However, it should be noted that the hotel isn’t located in the most upmarket area of the city. I wouldn’t say it was particularly unsafe, just a little run down. Typical of most areas around central stations in Europe really.

Despite being the older concept of Courtyard, the hotel was in good condition. 

One final moan is the need for the hotel to take a pre-authorisation. There was no mini bar in the room. No room service was available. And as part of the Bonvoy welcome back package, breakfast was included. So what could I have spent any money on?

On the subject of breakfast, I cant comment on it. I was having a lazy Sunday morning, so I skipped it!

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