Coming Soon: City Guides

Coming soon will be my attempt at creating city guides.

Sort of born from the In Pictures category, the new category will delve a little deeper into what a city is like.

The first of these will cover what I got up to in Tel Aviv. Whilst I don’t know yet whether I will do these write up’s for every single city I visit, I will attempt to cover any write ups I do in enough detail to provide some use.

The In Pictures category won’t be retired quite yet. That particular category will likely be reserved for cities I’ve already covered in more detail. Or maybe being a little more honest, for when I really didn’t get up to an awful lot on a trip, so don’t have too much to say!

Anyway, a short but sweet post here to let those who are interested in whats coming soon on the site.

The first post of the Tel Aviv series should be posted later this evening. Assuming no other major news stories break during the day that I feel worthy of commenting on!

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