Club Aspire Lounge, London Gatwick North Terminal

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➔ British Airways Club World, Boeing 777-200, Gatwick – St. Lucia
Club Aspire Lounge, London Gatwick North Terminal
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➔ British Airways Club World, Boeing 777-200, St. Lucia – London Gatwick


Gatwick Airport, North Terminal.

As you pass through security, head left towards every other lounge. It is well signposted.

Once you are in the lounge pavilion, head down to level 1. The lounge entrance is on the right hand side. If you are familiar with the location of the former British Airways lounge, you’ll know it.

Entry Requirements

Entry is usually available for £25.

However, whilst British Airways are using the North Terminal, standard BA entry rules apply. Therefore a First or Club ticket will gain entry. In addition, BA Gold and Silver Card holders can also access this lounge.

This lounge is also listed on the OneWorld website as the dedicated lounge for Qatar Airways and, whilst the South Terminal is closed, British Airways flights. 

The Lounge

The lounge itself is basically one large-ish room. If you visited the BA Terraces First lounge in the North terminal, then this space is much the same. However this lounge isn’t in the same location as the former BA lounge. 

As you enter, there is a reception desk where your credentials are checked. When I visited I was escorted to a seat, and was given a choice of where I would like to sit. As my visit took place in the rush hour, it was a little busy. I did have a few concerns about the social distancing in place here. The seat I was allocated appeared to be less than a metre from the people around me. 

There were more than a few seats in this lounge however. Despite being busy, there were a couple of seats spare. 

In the centre of the lounge was the bar area, along with what would usually be a buffet.

Club Aspire Lounge

However, during these times, everything was table service. There was also a reduced menu. The options were good enough, if a little basic.

Club Aspire Lounge menu
Club Aspire Lounge menu
Club Aspire Lounge menu
Club Aspire Lounge catering
Club Aspire Lounge catering

Dotted around were a few TV’s showing rolling news channels. Next to these were flight information displays.

Club Aspire Lounge
Club Aspire Lounge


Overall, the Club Aspire lounge wasn’t too bad for a third party lounge. The main down point being that it was a little on the busy side. Sure, this lounge is being used as the BA lounge. But BA is running a skeleton service from Gatwick at the moment. Therefore it can’t be the case that the lounge was full of their passengers. 

Aside from this, the staff were great and the food service was good enough. 

But it sure wasn’t the BA First lounge…

Although I should be thankful that British Airways provide a lounge at all at Gatwick.

(I know this wasn’t the most in depth review – hopefully there’s enough provided to give an idea though)

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