British Airways World Traveller Plus, Boeing 777, TLV-LHR

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➔ British Airways World Traveller Plus, Boeing 777, LHR-TLV
➔ The Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv Sea Side
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➔ Dan Lounge, Terminal 3 Concourse E, TLV
British Airways World Traveller Plus, Boeing 777, TLV-LHR


After an enjoyable few days in Tel Aviv, it was time to head back to London. As I was pleased with the transfer from the airport, I used the same company again to get be back to the airport. 

This time around however, a regular city cab was sent… hmmm. And they turned up 30 minutes early. Never mind, better to be too early than too late I suppose. 

As I’d heard many things about the security procedures in Israel, I made a point of arriving way earlier than I usually would anyway, so the extra 30 minutes wasn’t too much of a big deal. As expected, there was a lot of waiting in lines involved.

Unusually for me, I was checking a bag in in this flight. Basically because I couldn’t be bothered to wheel it around! Prior to accessing the check in desks, there’s a security check, with somewhat of an interrogation. 

  • How many times have you been to the UAE?
  • How long were you there?
  • Who do you know there?
  • Why did you go there?
  • When did you arrive in Israel?
  • Why did you choose to come here?
  • Why did you choose this particular time to visit?
  • Where did you stay?
  • What did you see?
  • What line of work are you in?
  • What’s the name of the company you work for?

And those were just the questions I can remember! 

Once check in had opened, I was among the first to be seen. 

Following this, it was yet more waiting in line at security. Although it would appear I had just got in the wrong line (again) more than anything else. Once this was done, it was through passport control – which was an absolute breeze compared to the rest of the proceedings.

It was then off to the lounge, which I took a closer look at in the previous part of this series.

British Airways
Tel Aviv – London
Boeing 777-200ER G-VIIF
Seat 24K
February 2020


Despite boarding being advertised at 15:40 on my boarding pass, I arrived at the gate close to this time, only to find that they were planning on starting it at 15:55. 

Once it did get going, it wasn’t announced all that well. Due to an Air Europa flight boarding on one side and a RyanAir flight boarding on the other, the whole gate area was a bit of a mess to say the least! 

It was more a case that I noticed a few people heading down the jetway and I made my way forward. Of note is that the group boarding policy was being enforced. At least two ahead of me were sent over to the group 5 boarding area.

I had seat 24K allocated and it was exactly the same as my previous three flights in the World Traveller Plus cabin. Unsurprisingly. 

World Traveller Plus cabin
World Traveller Plus cabin

As boarding was completed, either juice or water was handed out.

World Traveller Plus service

This was followed a few moments later with the menus. 

World Traveller Plus menu


Due to the leftovers of Storm Ciara, we were handed a 20 minute slot delay. With a 5h20 flying time, there wasn’t too much opportunity to make any time up either. There were a few others on the move whilst we waited though.

As promised, pushback came 20 minutes behind schedule. A further 20 minute taxi followed before we were into the air.

Onboard Service

The service got started with a round of hot towels.

World Traveller Plus service

Shortly followed by the bar service. I was addressed by name and handed two drinks, which was a nice touch. 

World Traveller Plus service
World Traveller Plus service

The amenity kit was the same as ever, and nothing too spectacular.

World Traveller Plus amenity kit

Not too long after, the main meal service started. I chose the beef, and it was ok. Far from the best meal I’ve ever had though. 

World traveller plus meal
World traveller plus meal
World traveller plus meal
World traveller plus meal

This was finished with a round of tea and coffee. 

World traveller plus meal

Just after the service was complete, it was lights out. 

World Traveller (Economy) cabin
World traveller plus cabin
The small World Traveller Plus cabin

The crew made a juice and water run at around the mid-point of the flight.


As there were a couple of films I wanted to watch, I got started with the IFE shortly after departure. First up was Uppity, a documentary following Willy T. Ribbs journey to the Indianapolis 500. This was followed by the latest Terminator film.

Also on this flight, I purchased the WiFi. The speeds have improved considerably since the last time I used it.


With 40 minutes left to run, the flight deck gave a brief update. They mentioned that it was still a little breezy in London but nowhere near as bad as it was. 

Despite this, we still ended up doing a few laps of the hold SouthEast of London. 

After touchdown, arrival on to stand came around 1h10 behind schedule. 

As we had arrived on to stand at T5C, this meant we were on the furthest satellite from the main terminal.

The plus side of this however was that my bag was already on the carousel by the time I’d made it to baggage claim.


Despite the delay, I’d rate this flight higher than the outward flight. Purely because of the crew. Every time the crew interacted with me, it was by name. And they were generally more pro active and just seemed more on the ball. 

Cabin wise, nothing was different to my previous flights. For some reason, I can’t seem to shake the BA 777’s lately!

Once more, the British Airways World Traveller Plus cabin proved to be ok. Nothing too spectacular, but then it’s only supposed to be a minor step up over economy in my opinion.

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