British Airways Suspend Gatwick Operations

According to internal communications, British Airways will suspend all operations from London Gatwick.

At this time it is only a temporary measure due to the lockdown imposed on the UK. It’s unclear whether the airline will resume operations from the airport when the lockdown lifts in early December or when the Furlough scheme ends in March.

The suspension of flights will come into operation from Wednesday 11th November.

Currently, British Airways are only operating a select few services from Gatwick anyway. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I am currently in St. Lucia. On the day I flew out, there were only three BA flights departing – St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua.

There are further cuts in the operation from Heathrow.

A number of the Gatwick short haul fleet has gone into long term storage in Madrid over the past few weeks. It’s debatable whether any short haul flying will return to Gatwick at all. All short haul and a number of long haul flights have already transferred over to Heathrow.

I personally doubt that British Airways will abandon Gatwick completely. But then I also had my doubts that this pandemic would go on affecting things much past June. And look how that’s turned out…

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