British Airways Sold 48 Of Their Aircraft Yesterday

According to this document, British Airways sold 48 of their aircraft yesterday. In the process, the airline made $750million.

(If the link above doesn’t work, try the one below. The document in question is top of the list, dated 26th May)

However, the aircraft won’t be leaving the fleet. The aircraft have been mortgaged by British Airways in order to raise funds. Acting as trustee is Citibank.

Included in the deal are a number of A320 series as well as Boeing 777 and a single Boeing 787.

Admittedly, the wording of the document is a little above me! However, from what I can gather, it’s essentially like owning a house and needing cash. You sell the house to the bank and take the cash. You can remain living in the banks house provided you keep up the mortgage payments. However, if you start to miss payments, you’ll be evicted and the bank will sell the house to someone else.

If we spin it around to this situation, British Airways needed some cash. It sold the 48 aircraft to the bank, and took the cash. Britsh Airways can continue to utilise the aircraft, provided they keep up the mortgage payments. However, if they start to miss payments, the bank can sell the aircraft to other airlines in order to reclaim their money.

I think.

Anyway, the following aircraft are no longer owned by British Airways, and are essentially now leased:

Aircraft TypeRegistration
Airbus A318G-EUNA
Airbus A318G-EUNB
Airbus A319G_EUPW
Airbus A319G-EUOE
Airbus A319G-EUOF
Airbus A319G-EUOG
Airbus A320G-MIDT
Airbus A320G-EUUL
Airbus A320G-EUUD
Airbus A320G-EUUE
Airbus A320G-EUUN
Airbus A320G-EUUO
Airbus A320G-MIDO
Airbus A320G-EUUP
Airbus A320G-EUUR
Airbus A320G-EUUS
Airbus A320G-EUUT
Airbus A320G-EUUU
Airbus A320G-EUUV
Airbus A320G-EUUW
Airbus A320G-EUUX
Airbus A320G-EUUY
Airbus A320G-EUUZ
Airbus A320G-EUYA
Airbus A320G-EUYB
Airbus A320G-EUYC
Airbus A320G-EUYD
Airbus A320G-EUYE
Airbus A320G-EUYF
Airbus A320G-EUYG
Airbus A321G-MEDJ
Airbus A321G-EUXC
Airbus A321G-EUXD
Airbus A321G-EUXE
Airbus A321G-EUXF
Airbus A321G-EUXG
Airbus A321G-EUXH
Airbus A321G-EUXI
Airbus A321G-EUXJ
Airbus A321G-MEDU
Boeing 777-200ERG-YMMJ
Boeing 777-200ERG-YMMK
Boeing 777-200ERG-YMML
Boeing 777-200ERG-YMMP
Boeing 777-200ERG-YMMR
Boeing 777-300ERG-STBI
Boeing 777-300ERG-STBJ
Boeing 787-9G-ZBKI

Most of the British Airways fleet is currently parked up around the UK and Europe.

What’s interesting is that the Airbus A319 aircraft listed are scheduled to be retired in the near future. As British Airways have now sold them, could they possibly tell the bank to now keep hold of them? Or will they be bound to keep them in service?

This also shows the airline still owned G-EUNB – which has been operating for Titan Airways for a couple of years now.

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