British Airways sixth A321neo delivered

Friday 30th August 2019 saw British Airways take delivery of their sixth Airbus A321neo aircraft. Registered G-NEOV, it made the ferry flight from Hamburg – London Heathrow in just under 1h20 mins.

G-NEOV delivery route

There are two more Airbus A321neo aircraft due to be delivered to the airline from the original order of eight that was placed in 2014.

The previous A321neo delivered to the airline entered commercial service just a couple of days after delivery. So G-NEOV should feed into the system fairly shortly.

British Airways took delivery of their first A321neo in November 2018. Unlike the A320neo fleet, the A321neo was placed at Heathrow Terminal 5 from day one. Since March 2019, all of the Airbus A320neo series have been operating from Terminal 5 after being based at Terminal 3 for their first year of service.

The Neo series aren’t allocated to any specific routes as such. Therefore it is pure luck as to whether you will end up on one or not. However, British Airways are now listing the Neo as a specific aircraft type under flight details. This previously wasn’t the case.

A321neo schedule

British Airways has fitted 220 seats to their A321neo’s, which is an additional two seats over the airlines’ previous A321 series. They have achieved this due to the Neo having a different emergency exit layout to the previous generation of A321. The seats at the rear of both British Airways A320neo and A321neo aircraft differ to what was found previously. Gone are the standard leather seats, and in come new slimline Recaro seats with no recline. The seats towards the front of the plane, which is generally used for Club Europe, are still the standard British Airways leather covered Pinnacle seats.

Whats an Airbus A321neo?

The Airbus A321neo is an upgrade of the previously successful Airbus A321. Sharing the same fuselage as the previous version, the Neo features upgraded engines (NEO stands for New Engine Option), wingtip Sharklets as standard, increased range and the option for the new airspace cabin. Further enhancements to the A321neo series include the A321LR and the recently introduced A321XLR, both of which feature an enhanced range over the standard version.

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A321neo at the BA Source

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