British Airways Schedule A380 on London-Las Vegas Route

British Airways have become the first airline to schedule an Airbus A380 into Las Vegas Airport.

The move had been rumoured for a few days, but the airline has now officially confirmed it.

Operating between 2nd-10th January 2021, the flights will co-incide with the extra demand caused by the CES show that takes place in the city.

Currently, British Airways operates their A380’s to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Johannesburg year round. They also operate them seasonally to Miami, Chicago, Boston and Washington.

The A380 that will operate the flights between London Heathrow and Las Vegas will come at the expense of the aircraft that usually operates the BA268/269 rotation to Los Angeles. Instead, that flight will utilise the Boeing 747 aircraft that is usually found on the Las Vegas route.

Las Vegas often sees a number of interesting visitors during the CES show. In 2020, American operated a flight to Tokyo from the city. Air France, KLM and Delta all operated flights from Paris. In total, nearly 250 additional flights were added during the show.

As yet, no A380’s have operated into Las Vegas. Whilst the runways are more than long enough, and there is a stand capable of handling the A380, the airport has been reluctant to allow them.

The airport said in 2014 that operating the super jumbo into the airport is a “hassle”. Taking into account the size of the aircraft, from a logistical point of view, just getting it to and from the runway is thought to be a headache. Following this, the number of passengers having to be processed in the terminal is also thought to create problems.

I guess for a few busy days of the year, the airport has decided to put the potential issues to one side and see how things go.

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