British Airways Sale: 50,000 seats at £50

British Airways this morning has announced a flash sale. Offering over 50,000 seats priced at £50, this could be useful for some:

Destinations in offer

London Heathrow to:
Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Basle, Belfast, Billund, Bologna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Ibiza, Inverness, Leeds Bradford, Luxembourg, Lyon, Manchester, Milan Malpensa, Munich, Newcastle, Oslo, Palma, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Toulouse, Vienna, Zurich.

London Gatwick to:
Alicante, Almeria, Amsterdam Bergamo, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Edinburgh, Faro, Genoa, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Jersey, Malaga, Naples, Nice, Palma, Porto, Salzburg Turin, Venice and Verona.

The flights must be taken between August and October 2019. In theory. I was able to find cheaper fares further into the winter, so it pays to take a closer look if you’re able to be more flexible.

My own opinion is that this doesn’t appear to be the best British Airways sale on first glance. More often that not, I’ve been able to find flights around these prices anyway. I suppose that British Airways have just released some more lower classed fares.

I was able to find:

Despite the sale fares supposedly being available between now and October, you can actually get far cheaper outside of these dates.

I recently covered how you would go about finding the best British Airways fares. I was able to find the above fares using the same method.

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