British Airways Open Heathrow Lounges From 4th July


Too bad for those BA Silver card holders and Club ticket holders. It was announced late last night that the Galleries Club Lounge would also be opening today. So no free pass to the Galleries First lounge unfortunately!

British Airways have announced that they will be starting to re-open their lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 5 from tomorrow.

The first lounges to open will be the Galleries First lounge and the Galleries Arrivals lounge. The First Wing will also be re-opening at the same time. However, both North and South Fast Track security will remain closed for the time being.

The First Wing

Things will be very different however. The first change will be that upon entry, you will be handed a welcome card. This will have two different colours. It will be left on your seat to specify whether you have just got up to grab something, or you have left permanently. Which is a good idea in my opinion, as you wont have to worry about losing your seat. Once you have left your seat, leaving the card with the blue side up specifies that the seat needs to be cleaned. Hopefully the cards will be binned afterwards and not reused…

Although quite what you’ll be leaving your seat for remains to be seen. There will be no newspapers or magazines provided.

BA Galleries First lounges

Will There Be Catering?

All food and drink orders must be made via a dedicated website, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code. Alcohol will be available, again through the dedicated ‘your menu’ website. This seems like an improvement. Previously you had to rely on flagging down a member of the catering team if you wanted to order from the menu. Something that wasn’t as straight forward as it sounds from my own experience. The BA website does mention that pre wrapped snacks will be available to take away.

BA Galleries First lounges

Due to nearly all the food and drinks only being available to order via the dedicated website, the restaurant area will be closed. Whether this means that the buffet will not be stocked or the whole area remains completely closed off remains to be seen. It would seem a little short sighted if they closed off the whole area, seating included.

BA Galleries First lounges

Who Can Use The Lounge?

Initially, the First Lounge will be open to all customers that are eligible to use a lounge. At least until the Galleries Club lounges open, which is expected to be by the beginning of August.

For those travelling in First, or those who have a Concorde Room card, the terrace area of the First lounge will be set aside for their use. This will be at least until the Concorde Room re-opens.

BA Galleries First lounges
BA Galleries First lounges

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