British Airways Launch Luxury Seat Sale

British Airways have announced a luxury seat sale. Offers include both flights and holidays in their First, Club World and Club Europe cabins.

Long haul fares are advertised as starting at £1195, which is a pretty good deal. Or if you have Avios to burn, seats can be had for just £275 + 188,000 Avios… which in my opinion isn’t the best deal in the world. Still, if you’re Avios rich, I guess that could work.

Short haul wise, fares are advertised to be starting at £179. Once more, not a bad deal as in my experience you can rarely find Club Europe fares under £200.

Example Club World fares:
Abu Dhabi£1517 (or £317 and 248,000 Avios)
Boston£1,195 (or £275 and 188,000 Avios)
Cape Town£2,699 (or £999 and 354,000 Avios)
Miami£1,395 (or £475 and 188,000 Avios)
Mumbai£1,849 (or £649 and 248,000 Avios)
Rio de Janeiro£1,999 (or £299 and 354,000 Avios)
Example Club Europe fares:
Berlin£218 (or £98 and 21,000 Avios)
Copenhagen£234 (or £74 and 30,500 Avios)
Ibiza£251 (or £71 and 35,100 Avios)
Nice£281 (or £101 and 35,100 Avios)
Prague£206 (or £86 and 21,000 Avios)
Valencia£190 (or £70 and 21,000 Avios)

These luxury sale fares are available to book from today (27th February 2020) until 17 March 2020.

Further offers include 200,000 seats priced at £29 from London Gatwick to Europe. These tickets are one way however, and as there’s no date attached to them, I suspect this offer will run until all 200,000 seats are sold. There isn’t any mention of which cabin these seats are in, but at that price, I’d highly suspect these tickets will book into the lowest hand baggage only fare class.

Free Lounge Access Too!

To celebrate 2020 being a leap year, those who have a birthday on either 28th, 29th February or 1st March, will gain complimentary access to the British Airways lounge at London Gatwick Airport.

BA Luxury Lounge
British Airways Lounge, Gatwick

All offers are available to book at

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