UPDATED: British Airways IT Systems down AGAIN

Once more British Airways IT Systems have failed. The FLY system that is used for pretty much everything within the airline on a global basis from checking in, to dispatch is down.

As a result, initially the following flights have been cancelled:

  • BA950 – Heathrow-Munich
  • BA1326 – Heathrow-Newcastle
  • BA728 – Heathrow-Geneva
  • BA346 – Heathrow-Nice
  • BA862 – Heathrow-Prague
  • BA1386 – Heathrow-Manchester
  • BA1476 – Heathrow-Glasgow
  • BA938 – Heathrow-Dusseldorf
  • BA992 – Heathrow-Berlin
  • BA904 – Heathrow-Frankfurt
  • BA394 – Heathrow-Brussels
  • BA1438 – Heathrow-Edinburgh
  • BA576 – Heathrow-Milan/Malpensa
  • BA484 – Heathrow-Barcelona
  • BA814 – Heathrow-Copenhagen
  • BA378 – Heathrow-Toulouse
  • BA834 – Heathrow-Dublin
  • BA940 – Heathrow-Dusseldorf

Many other flights are expected to suffer heavy delays until at least midday UK time. There is also a strong possibility that further flights will be cancelled as the issue continues.

The airline is advising that people booked on short haul flights today can be rebooked to an alternate date free of charge. Although the alternate date must be between 8th-13th August, so not much flexibility there.

Whilst terminal 5 at Heathrow has a backup system, it requires a lot more manual processes compared to the automated systems, therefore this will also cause delays.

The airline is advising people to allow extra time when heading to the airport, although reports are saying that only those with a flight scheduled to depart within two hours are being permitted to access the First Wing security channel at Heathrow.

My Thoughts

I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering when BA will bite the bullet and sort their IT systems out. There seems to be at least a few stories per year of the airline having some sort of problem relating to their IT. The most notable British Airways IT failure came in May 2017 where pretty much all flights were grounded for 24 hours. This was followed up in September 2018 where many passengers had their personal data stolen after their systems were hacked. After being affected by the previous IT issues, I’m glad I was able to avoid this one…


Further flights from Heathrow to Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca, Palma, Rome, Amsterdam, Gibraltar, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Zagreb and Split have now also been cancelled.

It is now being reported that ALL short haul flights from Heathrow that were scheduled to depart before 12:00 have been cancelled.

Flights from Gatwick to Glasgow, Jersey and Malaga have also been cut. 

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