British Airways Has Some GREAT Fares Into 2021

Upon taking a look at the British Airways website this morning, I noticed some great fares to Europe. Sure enough, a few moments later, an email advertising said fares dropped into my inbox.

Whilst some might not be too comfortable travelling at the moment, these fares go right into 2021. At which point, hopefully, things in the world would have calmed down a bit.

And for those looking to get away in a shorter time frame, they are available sooner too.

Fares are available for both Euro Traveller (economy) and Club Europe (business).

If you go for Club Europe, it’s worth noting that there is a very much reduced service in that cabin at the moment. Whilst you do get something to eat and a drink, the service isn’t exactly fine dining. Gone is the china crockery and glasses to serve the champagne in. At best you’ll get a lunchbox with a plastic beaker for your drink. At worst, you’ll be provided with a paper bag with a sandwich.

British Airways Club Europe catering
Current British Airways Club Europe catering

Although these fares are a cheap way to stock up on Avios and Tier Points. Not that anyone really needs the tier points at the moment, following the announcement earlier in the year that British Airways would be extending the status until 2022.

These deals are only available until midnight on Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

Some of the cheapest return fares that I could find were*:

Club Europe

Amsterdam: £160
Barcelona: £143
Bologna: £147
Brussels: £151
Bucharest: £171
Dublin: £106 WHAT A STEAL!
Faro: £153
Gibraltar: £136
Krakow: £123
Malaga: £143
Nice: £180
Pisa: £130
Venice: £146
Zagreb: £141

*All of these fares are just a random selection of dates/durations/destinations. You can change them to suit your needs. And obviously, there are only a finite number of seats at the prices quoted. So be quick!

There are also a number of Euro Traveller fares that are even cheaper.

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