British Airways Concorde Room, Heathrow T5

Probably one of, if not the most exclusive lounge that BA operates at Heathrow is the Concorde Room.

In days gone by, the Concorde Room (in Terminal 4) was reserved to those travelling on Concorde. These days however, whilst the name of the lounge remains, the plane sadly doesn’t.

Therefore, to maintain its “special” and “exclusive” reputation, the lounge is open only to those travelling in First Class, and the airlines’ very top tier frequent flyers.

As the Concorde Room is not a OneWorld lounge, there’s no way to access this lounge by being a top tier frequent flyer of any other airline either.

Entry Requirements
  • British Airways First Class ticket
  • British Airways Gold CCR status

I’ve paid a few visits to this lounge, but due to its very strict entry requirements, it’s not one that I’ve visited too often.

Back in the days before The First Wing, entry was via the so called Millionaires Doorway. This was a discreet doorway to the right hand side as you exited the fast track South security.

These days however, it’s the less private members feel of the main entrance. Once you’ve bypassed the Galleries First Lounge, which is open to all OneWorld Emerald card holders.

The Concorde Room

Once you exit the Galleries First lounge, head along the corridor until you reach the Concorde Room entrance, where you will have your boarding pass scanned.

Concorde Room signage

As you enter to the lounge itself, to the left are the washrooms and cabanas. Unfortunately, the washrooms themselves are much the same as what’s found in every other BA lounge washroom at Heathrow. If you know, you know.

I can’t comment on the cabanas as I’ve never used one. From what I’ve seen though, they are basically day rooms complete with a TV, lounger and an en suite.

Towards the right is the main lounge area. Initially, there’s a small seating area.

Concorde Room entrance
Concorde Room entrance

Beyond this is a number of high tables and chairs as you enter the dining area.

Main lounge area

To the right of this is the Concorde Dining section.

Concorde Dining

This is an area of around a dozen or so booths offering a la carte dining.

Concorde Room Dining
Concorde Room Dining
Concorde Room Dining
Concorde Room Dining

Unlike the Galleries lounges, there is no self serve buffet here. Everything is table service.


Heading out of the Concorde Dining area, straight ahead of you is the bar. Again, unlike the other BA operated lounges in the airport, nothing here is self service. Cocktails and coffee is freshly made. Laurent Perrier Grand Sicle Champagne is poured for you.


Bar snacks are also available on the bar menu.

The Terrace Area

The main lounge area is outside on the terrace. This is much like the outdoor terrace area of both the Galleries First and the Galleries Club North Lounges. However, one major difference here is that the service is much more attentive. The staff come around and offer champagne or anything else you could want far more pro-actively.

The area features a number of seating options, from arm chairs to sofas to loungers. This is one area of the lounge which has changed quite a bit since my first visit in early 2015.

Concorde Room Terrace
Concorde Room Terrace
Concorde Room Terrace
Concorde Room Terrace
Concorde Room Terrace
Concorde Room Terrace

In the corner is a small bar area. I’ve never been entirely sure whether its self serve or not, but I’ve never been questioned when grabbing some water from there.

Concorde room Bar

The views from the terrace are much the same as from the terrace of the Galleries First lounge next door. However, you can also people watch from here as it looks out over the terminal area too.

Concorde Room View

Back indoors, there’s the standard BA selection of newspapers and magazines available, along with a few more seating areas.

BA Concorde Room
BA Concorde Room
BA Concorde Room
BA Concorde Room
BA Concorde Room

Also present is a conference room, featuring re-purposed seats from Concorde that now are used as desk chairs. However, as all my flights are for pleasure, I’ve never felt the need to even poke my head into this area, so can’t comment too much about it!

My Thoughts

Despite not being the strongest lounge at Heathrow, I always enjoy visiting The Concorde Room.

Due to its exclusive nature regarding access, there’s always the feeling of being just a little bit special when you’re in there.

The food on offer is not too bad. Much like the lounge itself, it’s alright, but far from anything too special. That could just be down to my taste however.

The staff are extremely attentive in here, which is a good thing due to hardly anything other than water being self service.

It’s also the only British Airways lounge at Heathrow where you can get a cocktail – and there is a very good selection of them.

I last visited this lounge in December 2018. Therefore there may be a few details that have changed in the meantime. Although I suspect the bulk of what’s been detailed here is much the same.

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