British Airways Club Europe, London Heathrow – Copenhagen


With a departure from Heathrow Terminal 5 and an arrival into Terminal 3, it was a bit of a toss up as to where I parked for this trip. Either way would result in me taking the Heathrow Express between terminals. In the end, parking at Terminal 5 was a little cheaper (but still quite pricey) so that’s what I went for. 

This Trip

  • Introduction: One Night In Nagoya
  • British Airways Club Europe, London Heathrow – Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen: In Pictures
  • Norwegian Boeing 737, Copenhagen – Oslo
  • Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen
  • NoRRA Embraer E190, Oslo – Helsinki
  • Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9, Helsinki – Tokyo Narita
  • Tokyo: In Pictures
  • Japan Airlines, Boeing 787-8, Tokyo Narita – Nagoya
  • Four Points by Sheraton Nagoya, Chubu International Airport 
  • Japan Airlines, Boeing 787-8 Nagoya – Tokyo Narita
  • Japan Airlines First Class Lounge, Tokyo Narita
  • Finnair Airbus A350, Tokyo Narita – Helsinki
  • Finnair Airbus A320, Helsinki – Stockholm Arlanda
  • Sheraton Stockholm Hotel
  • Stockholm: In Pictures
  • Aurora Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda T2
  • Finnair Airbus A321, Stockholm Arlanda – Helsinki
  • Finnair Airbus A321, Helsinki – London Heathrow

As usual, there wasn’t too long to wait for the shuttle between the car park and T5. Arrival at the forecourt of terminal 5 was just a few minutes later.

Following this was a reasonably quick journey through the first wing and into the lounge. It was a little on the busy side this morning, but I’ve seen it far worse.

The first port of call was breakfast.

Eggs Benedict

Followed by coffee on the terrace.

I was in the lounge for around 45 minutes before the gate was opened.

British Airways
London Heathrow
Airbus A319 G-EUPM
Seat 1A
December 2019


Boarding was announced from gate A10 – meaning a bus journey. I had suspected this would likely be the case when I saw that the incoming aircraft had arrived early the previous evening.

As per usual, this was a “very busy flight” and any volunteers wishing to check their bags would be awarded group 0 boarding. As it turned out, seemingly half the plane wished to check their bags, meaning a bit of a mess at the gate. Especially when boarding proper was called and they hadn’t finished checking the bags.

Once on to the bus, a drive over to G-EUPE followed – according to both FlightRadar24 and Flighty. Once we had waited with seemingly nothing going on for a good twenty minutes. 

As it turned out, there was a last second change of aircraft, meaning that G-EUPM would be doing the honours instead. Guess that explained the hold up. 

Seeing as I appear to attract bus boardings fairly well, I’ve learned the best seat to grab on the bus in order to be the first up the steps. My method worked perfectly on this occasion too.

Club Europe seating
Club Europe centre table

Just as boarding was completed, the crew handed out hot towels to the Club Europe cabin

Club Europe service


Pushback came a few minutes adrift of schedule. The standard 20 minute journey to the active runway followed. 

Once we were underway, there wasn’t too much to be seen due to the low cloud cover.

Although it wasn’t a particularly thick layer of clouds, meaning we were free of them in around a minute or so.

Onboard Service

With Copenhagen being a band 2 Club Europe destination, getting anything substantial to eat on board was never going to happen. Hence why I ate in the lounge. 

The service was delayed a little due to a seemingly endless stream of passengers (from behind the curtain I’d like to add…) blocking the aisle. 

When the service did start, it was a choice of either a warm mozzarella and tomato quiche or cold cuts. I opted for the quiche and it was surprisingly tasty.

Club Europe meal
Club Europe meal

It was accompanied by a small fruit salad and a yogurt.

Club Europe meal

A drinks round followed a few moments later. 

Club Europe meal


Like most European carriers, British Airways offers very basic, if any,  in flight entertainment. On the A319 fleet, you still get a moving map via drop down screens.

On the A320neo series and the reconfigured A320ceo fleet, the drop down screens have been removed. However those aircraft do offer WiFi, where as a lot of the A319 fleet don’t. This is due to a number of those aircraft being retired over the next couple of years. 

Club Europe seating
Club Europe seating


With around 25 minutes left to run, descent started.

The flight deck announced that the weather was expected to be fairly good on arrival, if a little on the chilly side.

Touchdown came, and a reasonably long journey over to our stand followed. 

Arrival on to stand came a few minutes late.

Following this, it was out through passport control and then on to the metro into the city. I would normally take the train, however when looking at options a little closer, I found that not only does the metro cost half the price, but also stops nearer to the Nyhavn area of the city. One to remember for future visits.


This flight with British Airways was generally good. There were three rows of Club Europe, with eight passengers. Therefore the lone crew member serving the cabin wasn’t too stressed out.

One thing I did note though was the number of passengers coming through from the economy cabin. Ok, I understand if you need to go, you need to go. But it was almost an endless stream of people coming through. What’s more, if the washroom was in use, then people were congregating around the front of the cabin. One guy was hanging around for a good ten minutes after he’d used the washroom until the crew member finally asked where he was sat, and suggested that he should take his seat. 

I get you can make a million and one announcements to stay in your own cabin. And more often than not, people still won’t pay any attention. I guess if one person does it, then others will follow…

Club Europe seating

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