British Airways, Club Europe, Airbus A319, MUC-LHR

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➔ BEA, Club Europe, Airbus A319, LHR-MUC
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British Airways, Club Europe, Airbus A319, MUC-LHR


What did I get up to in Munich? Well, not too much on this occasion. Ever wake up on a Sunday morning feeling more than a little lazy? This was one of them! I checked out of the hotel at the last possible minute and decided to head off to one of the few areas of the city I handy been to before, Schloss Nymphenburg.

One area that I had visited before, which I wanted to go to again was the English Garden.

By the time I had made it back to the city, there was just enough time to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the airport.

Back to London!

I would have preferred a slightly earlier flight back. But those were a little more expensive. So I went for one of the final flights of the day from Munich back to London. Upon arrival at the airport, it was eerily quiet. Two BA flights to Heathrow and Tarom to Bucharest were departing but that was about it.

As is a common theme the world over at the moment, the lounge that British Airways use in Munich is currently closed. Therefore I didn’t make too much of an effort to arrive much earlier than needed.

Club Europe has a separate check in area

Previously, British Airways operated their own lounge at this airport. It was by FAR the worst on the network. The sofas were stained. The food options weren’t that great. It was generally well past its sell by date. This closed a couple of years back, and British Airways have used a third party lounge since. By all accounts, this is much better. Although I haven’t visited yet. And won’t on this occasion either. Next time.

No lounge for Club Europe in Munich

Instead, I sat and waited at the gate for the next 45 minutes or so until boarding was called. Because there really wasn’t much else to do.

In the background, G-EUPL was being prepared for the short flight back to London.

British Airways
Munich – London Heathrow 
Airbus A319 G-EUPL
Seat 1A
October 2020


Once more, boarding was done from rear to front. And it worked much better than at Heathrow on the outbound flight. Apart from the fact it took much longer this time around. 

Club Europe seating

There were 6 rows of Club on this flight, and most seats were taken. This lead to more than a few issues issue with hand baggage. 

This didn’t take too long to sort out however, and the doors were closed a few moments after I boarded. From what I could see, the only spare seat in the Club cabin was next to me. Maybe theoretical seating does work after all…

Club Europe seating


The captain mentioned the flying time back to Heathrow this evening would be 1h30 and that there would be a long taxi over to the active runway. Although once we got underway, it appeared that he was very keen to make this journey as quickly as possible. He certainly wasn’t hanging around!

Club Europe wing view

The same was true when it came to takeoff too. The engines were spooling up before we had made it on to the runway. 

Club Europe wing view
Club Europe cabin

Onboard Service

Shortly after departure, the crew started the onboard service. Once more it was the lunch bag, featuring a sandwich, dessert and a bottle of water. 

Club Europe catering
Club Europe catering
Club Europe catering

This was followed with a coffee.

Club Europe catering


Unlike the aircraft that brought me from the UK, this one did feature WiFi. Therefore it is likely to be hanging around for a while.  Although actually getting it to work was another matter. Guess I wouldn’t be enjoying the new online version of the High Life magazine on this flight then. A few moments later it did fire into life however. 

In addition, there was also the drop down screens on this aircraft. Something that is rapidly disappearing from the BA shorthaul fleet.

Second Service

It’s not often I’m able to write about a second service on a European flight! Once the main service was tidied away the purser/CSM/whatevertheyrecalledthesedays came through the cabin offering the packs from the EuroTraveller cabin to those in Club. Which was a good gesture.

Club Europe catering
Club Europe catering
Club Europe cabin


There was no holding for arrival into Heathrow, which is pretty standard these days. And will likely be the case for a good couple of years to come.

Despite the very strict procedure regarding disembarkation – only a few rows at a time – everyone was then put on to a single bus to the terminal. Right.

Terminal 5 itself was virtually deserted.

Once more, I used the ePassport gates, meaning that once more the passenger locator form that must be filled out wasn’t checked by anyone.

Despite the bus gate, I was still at the front of the terminal within a few minutes.


One of the better British Airways Club Europe flights I’ve taken since the pandemic. And it was purely down to the crew. They clearly recognised that the service in Club Europe wasn’t up to the usual standard. Therefore went out of the way to provide something a little extra. And there were many Euro Traveller catering packs left over, so wouldn’t have made too much difference to the airline in the grand scheme of things.

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