British Airways Club Europe | Airbus A319 | Aberdeen – Heathrow

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 British Airways Club Europe | Airbus A321neo | Heathrow – Aberdeen
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➔ British Airways Club Europe | Airbus A319 | Aberdeen – Heathrow


Following an earlier than wanted wake up call, I made the short walk from the hotel to the terminal. Already being in possession of a mobile boarding pass, I was able to skip the check in desk and head straight to security. 

Luckily, I was aware of this beforehand, so didn’t arrive overly early for breakfast. 

There was a fast track available at security. Although it was of the type where you just jump the queue. This caused much annoyance to the person at the head of the regular queue. They were a little annoyed when the person in front of me was called forward before them. They went nuclear when I was then called forward too. I later saw them questioning the guy at the restaurant too, as to why she couldn’t eat in or something. How can people be in such a bad mood before 6am?! Not a morning person I guess.

There wasn’t too much else open in the terminal. With an already departed KLM flight to Amsterdam, and the flight I was on the only departures, I guess there wasn’t too much incentive for the shops to open.

British Airways do have their own lounge in Aberdeen – and a fairly recent addition to the network too. However, much like every other lounge of theirs outside of Heathrow, it’s currently closed. 

British Airways
Aberdeen – London Heathrow
Airbus A319 G-EUPM
Seat 1A
May 2021


Boarding was still carried out from rear to front. However it was done far more efficiently this time around. Just the three groups, consisting on row 15 and higher, row 5 and higher and then Club Europe. The whole process took around 15 minutes, one of the quicker boarding processes I’ve experienced in the Covid world.

British Airways A319
British Airways A319
British Airways A319

The captain gave a flying time of 1h10, after welcoming us aboard ‘Papa Mike’. First time I’ve heard the aircrafts internal call sign mentioned in the welcome speech.

Due to the efficient boarding, there was a bit of a wait on stand. First time in a while that I’ve boarded and we haven’t immediately been on our way.


We pushed back pretty much on schedule. It was then a lazy journey over to the runway. According to Flighty, we had a slot time of 07:20. Therefore there was no rush to get to the active runway. 

After departure, we made a U turn back past the airport and headed south. 

Onboard Service

The service was much quicker to get going than on the flight to Aberdeen. 

The choices this morning were either a ham and cheese croissant or a cheese and tomato croissant. Too bad if you can’t eat cheese. 

British Airways Service
British Airways Service

The ham and cheese croissant was the same as what Lufthansa have been serving in their lounge at Heathrow recently. With both British Airways and Lufthansa using Do&Co as caterers, I guess its’ not too much of a surprise that a bit of mixing and matching takes place.

This was served with a round of drinks. 

British Airways Service
British Airways Service

After the main tray had been handed over, a bowl of fruit was handed over.

British Airways Service


As Papa Mike is due to remain with British Airways for the foreseeable future, it has had a mild refresh. WiFi is now offered on board, along with mains power and USB sockets under the seat. 

British Airways WiFi portal

Whilst looking at the online portal, I spotted something new.

So new it hadn’t been constructed yet. I guess on board menus in Club and First will soon be disappearing too then.

Far more interesting though were a pair of late teen / early twenty something’s sat in the row behind. As soon as they boarded, they asked the crew if this was ‘like, first class’. Once the service started, it was met with ‘do we have to, like, pay for this’. I can only assume they didn’t book their own ticket. 

This was mildly amusing until they got a bit loud… then their rambling became slightly annoying. 

British Airways Club Europe cabin

Upon descent, water bottles were handed out to those of us in Club. This is something that has been happening more often recently. Although not on 100% of the flights I have taken, so I’m led to believe its not official policy.

British Airways Service


Another perk of the Flighty app was knowing our touchdown time. The captain had mentioned that we would have a flying time of 1h10, however this would be the time we arrived on to stand at Heathrow. The app gave a landing time of 08:20 and sure enough, at 07:50, the engines started to spool back. 

The captain announced that we would be landing towards the West and that we would have some good views of the city on approach. No rare runway 09R landing for me today. Although, being a clear and sunny morning, the views were as advertised.

British Airways Sponsorship of Twickenham stadium

Sure enough, arrival on to stand came 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

British Airways Aircraft at Heathrow

Being a domestic arrival, I was out of the airport in a matter of minutes. As I passed through the arrivals hall, there was a rather large group being led off to a coach for their mandatory 10 days hotel quarantine. It struck me as to how easy it would have been for me to mine with them. Or for one of them to break off from the group, seeing as we all went through the same exit.


Another good enough flight with British Airways. And once more, it was very welcome to have something resembling a more normal service again. Although I still can’t help but feel that something is missing from the service? Although it has been quite a while since I’ve taken a domestic flight with British Airways in Club Europe.

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