British Airways Boeing 787-10 Has FINALLY been delivered!

British Airways first Boeing 787-10 has finally been delivered to the airline.

The aircraft was flown from Charleston to London Heathrow as flight BA9151during the early hours of 28th June. The flight is due to arrive just before midday.

Initially, the aircraft was due to make its debut on the London Heathrow – Atlanta route. However, a certain pandemic has broken out since, so it’s highly likely that the aircraft won’t be going anywhere for a while. At least with passengers on board.

The aircraft was due to be handed over to the airline back in January. Then February. And then it looked almost certain to be delivered in March. However there have been a number of issues. To the point where it was rumoured that the second aircraft due, G-ZBLB would be arriving first.

That wouldn’t have been the first time such an occurrence had happened. Back in 2013 when British Airways took delivery of their first Boeing 787 aircraft, it was G-ZBJB that arrived first. It was the same with the previous generation Boeing 767 too – G-BNWB arrived before G-BNWA.

The New Flagship

The Boeing 787-10 is the one to aim for when flying British Airways in a premium cabin. It is the only aircraft in the fleet to feature both the new Club World Suite, along with the refreshed First class cabin.

Boeing 787 First seating
First Class seating as seen on the Boeing 787-9

The Airbus A350, which the Club World Suite was introduced on doesn’t feature a First cabin. Where as the Boeing 777’s which have had the Club World Suite fitted still feature the previous generation First cabin.

Further back however, the differences are harder to notice. The World Traveller Plus seating is much the same as what’s found on the 787-8, 787-9 and much of the 777 fleet.

Boeing 787 Premium Economy
World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) cabin on the 787-8

Where as if you’re flying in World Traveller, I’d actually go out of my way to avoid the 787 completely, regardless of airline. Despite being designed to feature an 8 abreast seating layout, most airlines have decided to go with 9 seats across instead, making for a very tight ride. The only exception to this is Japan Airlines, who have stuck to the originally designed 8 abreast layout.

In total, British Airways have 12 Boeing 787-10’s on order, which, along with the Airbus A350, will eventually replace the Boeing 747 fleet.

Boeing 787-9

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