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My latest trip will see me flying with BA once more, to Venice. This time though I will be avoiding the airlines LHR hub and instead using the airlines other two London airports – Gatwick and London City on one of their 737-400’s and Embraer E170’s. The price was pretty reasonable and I booked without much question:
 photo VCEPRICE.png
And then it was on to seat selection:
 photo VCESEATS.png
 photo VCESEATMAP.png
So as usual, I made my way to the local station. As I was heading to Gatwick this time, it was on to a train rather than the coach. Having made the journey via Clapham Junction the last time I departed from Gatwick, I made the journey via Guildford this time.
 photo Venice001.jpg
Upon arrival at Gatwick, it was a brief pass of the South terminal before heading on to the shuttle for the North terminal.
 photo Venice002.jpg
 photo Venice003.jpg
 photo Venice013.jpg
I made my way over to the pretty fancy looking premium check in. Much better than at LHR that’s for sure.
 photo Venice004.jpg
 photo Venice-1.jpg
 photo Venice006.jpg
 photo Venice007.jpg
I made my way through security, before having a bit of a wander though the North terminal.
 photo Venice008.jpg
 photo Venice009.jpg
It was then up to the lounge, where I was given a very warm welcome back by name. One thing I have noticed is that the ground staff at Gatwick seem to be a lot more genuine.
 photo Venice010.jpg

Almost as cheeky as the VS ad at T5

Once I was in the lounge, it was a little on the busy side – so not as many pictures as I’d have liked.
 photo Venice014.jpg
 photo Venice016.jpg
 photo Venice017.jpg
 photo Venice018.jpg
 photo Venice025.jpg
As expected, the catering wasn’t that great, so I just made do with a coffee and some biscuits.
 photo Venice011.jpg
 photo Venice012.jpg
 photo Venice015.jpg
Once the lounge cleared out a bit I was able to grab a seat by the window. I spent the rest of my time looking through the paper and gazing out if the window.
 photo Venice027.jpg
 photo Venice021.jpg
 photo Venice022.jpg
 photo Venice023.jpg
 photo Venice024.jpg
 photo Venice030.jpg
 photo Venice031.jpg
Around the time the gate was due to be announced, it FID’s changed to show ‘please wait’. Although ten minutes later than advertised, gate 107 flashed up. As I made my way down to the gate, I was glad to discover I would be heading over the bridge, allowing me to get some great shots along the way.
 photo Venice019.jpg
 photo Venice020.jpg
 photo Venice036.jpg
 photo Venice033.jpg
 photo Venice034.jpg
 photo Venice035.jpg

Over the wing, you know?

 photo Venice039.jpg
 photo Venice040.jpg
 photo Venice041.jpg
 photo Venice042.jpg
 photo Venice043.jpg
Good views from the pier too:
 photo Venice044.jpg
Whilst I was waiting, the first scheduled LX flight into LGW made its way passed having recently arrived from GVA. Had I realized I would have made more of an effort to get a better pic.
 photo Venice028.jpg
Gate overview
 photo Venice026.jpg
I arrived to find G-DOCE waiting. Unknown to me at the time, this one was in the last few weeks of its life, having since gone off to the desert having spent its entire 22 years in service with BA.
 photo Venice046.jpg
Before boarding was called, the ground staff went around the gate area and personally invited all families with children to board. Although this was all in vain as there was still a mass stampede. Despite this, I still managed to be one of the first on board.
 photo BAlogo.jpg
December 2013
Boeing 737-436 / G-DOCE
Seat: 6A / Euro Traveller
Scheduled: 12:20/15:20
Off Stand: 12:42
On Stand: 15:39

 photo Venice029.jpg
There was a seemingly never ending flow of passengers heading rear wards. The staff said this was a full flight.
 photo Venice047.jpg

The A320 family is getting more and more common at LGW.

 photo Venice048.jpg
Once boarding was finally nearing completion, the captain welcomed everybody, gave a very detailed description of our route and a flying time of an hour and forty two minutes.
 photo Venice049.jpg
We pushed back and made our way out to 26L. There was a bit of a hold at the threshold for a TCX 757 to depart and an EZY A319 to land.
 photo Venice032.jpg
In the mean time, this one had turned up – I never knew Air Arabia served LGW.
 photo Venice050.jpg
We made a quick and steep take off once everybody else had finished their business on the runway, before heading into a bit of cloud.
 photo Venice037.jpg
 photo Venice051.jpg
 photo Venice038.jpg
 photo Venice052.jpg
 photo Venice053.jpg
Very shortly after departure one of the crew members appeared at the front of the cabin with a box of wraps. There was a bit of a wait however until the drinks came around. Along with some crisps that I had borrowed from the lounge and some Spanish chocolate that I found in my bag, I had a bit of a feast!
 photo Venice058.jpg
In the early stages of the flight, there were a few views to be had of the cities passing beneath us, although as the flight went on the view slowly turned white.
 photo Venice055.jpg
 photo Venice057.jpg


I went with Queens of the Stone age album for entertainment, as heading to the rear galley for a chat with the crew was out of the question due to my seat mate having his noise cancelling headphones on and being fast asleep for the duration. Seriously, why do I always get the sleepy one next to me?!
 photo Venice063.jpg
 photo Venice054.jpg
By the time the album had finished we had started descent. Although the crew seemed to be running a little behind as rather than announcing the usual descent procedures, they announced they would be starting the duty free run instead. I was more interested in the views out if the window though.
 photo Venice070.jpg
 photo Venice069.jpg
 photo Venice071.jpg
The views slowly got covered in cloud, and it was only once the landing gear extended, I realised there wasn’t going to be any views on approach today.
 photo Venice067.jpg
 photo Venice068.jpg
 photo Venice059.jpg
 photo Venice060.jpg
 photo Venice061.jpg
We touched down and made a pretty long rollout into the murk.
 photo Venice062.jpg
Then it was over to the terminal, pulling on to stand a few moments later.
 photo Venice072.jpg
 photo Venice064.jpg
As I disembarked, I asked the captain, who was stood at the front door, if I could have a look at the flight deck. My request was enthusiastically granted and I made my way in to have a chat with the first officer.
 photo Venice073.jpg
 photo Venice074.jpg
Once I was done, it was out through to arrivals.
 photo Venice065.jpg
Upon reaching passport control, I asked for a stamp which was met with a rather stern ‘no’. I then asked if I could have one on the separate piece of paper I have, but was met with the same answer. Oh well. As I made my way through baggage claim, I noticed some ticket machines for transport into town.
 photo Venice066.jpg
I brought what I thought was a ticket for the boat, and I made my way to the waterside.
 photo Venice075.jpg
 photo Venice076.jpg
 photo Venice077.jpg
Having just missed one, it was a thirty minute wait in the freezing fog for the next one. When a boat finally did arrive, it turned out I had brought a ticket for something completely different. Hmm. In my world, if you’re at an airport and buy a ticket for a boat and select Venice, you get a ticket for a boat to Venice. Not here though apparently. So I made my way back to the terminal to find out what I had brought. It turns out I’d brought a ticket for a boat in Venice, not to Venice. Well that was nice and clear. Rather than mess about waiting for another boat, I took the bus instead. I arrived in town around 35 minutes later and made the short walk to my hotel, The Carlton.
 photo Venice083.jpg
 photo Venice082.jpg

Not had a key like this for a good few years

 photo Venice080.jpg
 photo Venice081.jpg
Some pictures from my time in Venice:
 photo Venice078.jpg
 photo Venice079.jpg
 photo Venice085.jpg

Pricey, and not very good

 photo Venice086.jpg
 photo Venice087.jpg
 photo Venice088.jpg
 photo Venice089.jpg
 photo Venice090.jpg
The fog finally cleared.
 photo Venice091.jpg
 photo Venice092.jpg
 photo Venice093.jpg
Taking the boat I’d inadvertently brought a ticket for to St Marks Square. Unfortunately, the boat took the less scenic route.
 photo Venice095.jpg
 photo Venice094.jpg
 photo Venice096.jpg
 photo Venice097.jpg
 photo Venice098.jpg
 photo Venice099.jpg
 photo Venice100.jpg
 photo Venice101.jpg
 photo Venice102.jpg
 photo Venice103.jpg
 photo Venice104.jpg
 photo Venice105.jpg
 photo Venice106.jpg
 photo Venice107.jpg
 photo Venice108.jpg
 photo Venice109.jpg
After a long walk around, as the sun was setting I decided to make my way to the airport. Maybe a little early but I felt as if I’d had my fill of Venice by now. As I was near the bus station, it made the most sense to catch a bus rather than a boat.
 photo Venice110.jpg
 photo Venice111.jpg
Upon arrival at the airport, it was pretty much straight to the BA check in desks after having a brief look to see what was around on the apron.
 photo Venice119.jpg
 photo Venice117.jpg
 photo Venice112.jpg
 photo Venice118.jpg
 photo Venice113.jpg
I made my way to the Club Europe desks and was handed a souvenir boarding pass. Upon asking about lounge access, the check in agent responded that she hadn’t even checked my status! When she did, she said I could use the Marco Polo lounge and the fast track, which I did a few moments later.
 photo Venice114.jpg
The agent also gave me a tag for my bag. First time I’d had this, although it’s happened since, so maybe new policy?
 photo Venice115.jpg
 photo Venice116.jpg
As I was early, I took a walk around the shops for a bit.
 photo Venice120.jpg
Although most were a little out of my price/interest range!
 photo Venice121.jpg
So I made my way up to the lounge.
 photo Venice122.jpg
 photo Venice123.jpg
As far as third party lounges go, this one wasn’t too bad. I’d say it was comparable to the one in LCA. Other than the fact it was a little busy. Still, the F&B options were pretty good. There was also an outdoor terrace but as it was dark and cold, figured I wouldn’t really gain anything by venturing out.
 photo Venice128.jpg
 photo Venice129.jpg
 photo Venice130.jpg
 photo Venice131.jpg
 photo Venice126.jpg
 photo Venice127.jpg
 photo Venice124.jpg

The good thing about 3rd party lounges is that they seem to have a decent stock of other airlines mags.

 photo Venice132.jpg

Catching up with some TR’s

At 19:00, the FID was telling me to go to the gate. Seemed a little early, but it was getting to the point where I could do with a change of scenery.
 photo Venice133.jpg
I made my way down to a pretty deserted basement area, meaning it would likely be a bus gate.
 photo Venice134.jpg
At 19:15, again pretty early, boarding was called. The downside of this however was that we were then left on a bus to wait around in the cold for twenty minutes for the passenger who thinks that ‘gate closed’ means ‘boarding’. Still, there was a decent enough view of a MON A320 departing.
 photo Venice135.jpg
During this time, a hooded guy started to get very agitated at the fact we had to wait so long in the cold. Not that it was particularly cold. There were more than a few swear words coming out of him and when the final passenger turned up she got more than a mouthful. What a pleasant guy.
 photo Venice136.jpg
 photo BACFE.jpg
December 2013
Embraer E170 / G-LCYE
Seat: 5D/ Euro Traveller (later moved to 6A)
Scheduled: 20:00/21:05
Off Stand: 19:51
On Stand: 20:55

We made a very short drive around to G-LCYE, a new reg for the log. I was one of the last off the bus, and as I boarded the aircraft, the door was closed behind me.
 photo Venice137.jpg
 photo Venice138.jpg
The crew announced that this wasn’t anywhere near a full flight, but for balance reasons everybody had to stay in their assigned seat. As I had a seat mate, I decided I’d be better off moving. And not a single word was said by the crew! There was just the one passenger in club this evening. The lowest Club load I’ve ever seen! The captain came over the PA and gave a flight time if ‘just under 2 hours’. We taxied out and made a pretty powerful blast into the night sky.
 photo Venice139.jpg
 photo Venice140.jpg
Shortly after departure, the crew rolled the trolley to the front of the cabin. Mr stroppy (who was sat just behind me) from the bus immediately grabbed his attention and told him that he was uncomfortable. The crew member didn’t really know how to react to this other than to apologise. I can only guess he was after an upgrade, although the seat would have been identical to the one he already had. He then decided he was going to throw his toys out if the pram once more and lie across his girlfriend in the aisle seat and put his legs up the sidewall. Both the guy in 6D and myself looked at each other and shook our heads in disbelief.
 photo Venice141.jpg
Once this was over, the crew had reached my row and handed me a pack with not only a sandwich in it, but also a scone and jam. Seemed that the BA Cityflyer flights had slightly upgraded catering compared to the mainline flights.
 photo Venice142.jpg
 photo Venice143.jpg
After this, I made my way to the washroom. Now normally this wouldn’t be worth a mention. But on this occasion, just as I was washing my hands there was an aggressive thump on the door. As I exited, it was the same guy again, hood still up. Never ceases to amaze me how some people act… Funnily enough, he didn’t return to his seat for the rest of the flight, so we can only hope he had fallen into the toilet, never to be seen again.
 photo Venice144.jpg
The iPad was my choice of entertainment for this evening, and then the inflight mags until descent started.
 photo Venice145.jpg
 photo Venice149.jpg

Is it just me or does this make no sense to anybody else either?

Unexpectedly, there wasn’t anything to be seen until on short finals due to the cloud cover. This didn’t stop things from being the usual roller coaster ride into LCY though.
 photo Venice150.jpg
 photo Venice151.jpg
 photo Venice152.jpg
We touched down just before 20:55 with minimal fuss, and within a couple of minutes we were spinning around on to stand 6. It was then through a dull looking arrivals and into baggage claim within a couple of minutes. A further couple of minutes later I was at the DLR station and making my way home – all around ten minutes after touchdown!
 photo Venice153.jpg
 photo Venice146.jpg
 photo Venice147.jpg
 photo Venice148.jpg
What did I make of this weekend? It always interests me how BA ground staff seem a lot friendlier at LGW. The general impression from internet chatter is that the services from LGW are a little bit forgotten, but it doesn’t seem that way to me, and with the recent addition of the ex BD A319’s in addition to the new A320’s and a further 777 means that BA aren’t ready to give up at Gatwick quite yet. If only they would give thief lounge a refurb. BA Cityflyer are a good little airline too – a more business orientated version of BA with a new fleet. Venice failed to impress me. Yes it was very picturesque, but to be honest I was pretty bored towards the end if my time there. Who knows, maybe I just didn’t explore the right parts.

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