British Airways Are Still Fitting The Club World Suite To Their 777’s

Despite no passenger flights going on, and not an awful lot of money coming in, British Airways are continuing to retrofit the new Club World Suite to their Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.

It was thought initially that they would hold off for the time being. Due to the reduced amount of cash coming in, it may not have been the best use of what they did have. The reality however is the opposite. As the aircraft would have been booked in many months in advance, and the parts ordered, they only stood to lose out by not fitting the seats.

Whether this will continue to be the case going forward, who knows. It may well be a case that they will continue with what was planned, but not book in any more for the time being.

Club World Suite

Therefore, despite being officially stored, a number of the airlines Boeing 777 aircraft have been shuffling between London Heathrow and Cardiff.

Also of early May 2020, the following Boeing 777 aircraft have been fitted with the Club World Suite:

  • G-RAES
  • G-VIIB
  • G-VIIK
  • G-VIIL
  • G-VIIM
  • G-VIIN

Both G-VIIA and G-VIIF have positioned London Heathrow – Cardiff recently, meaning that they will likely be having the new seats fitted as we speak. Both had been in storage at Heathrow for a couple of weeks previously.

In addition, all Airbus A350’s feature the Club World Suite. The upcoming Boeing 787-10 will also feature the new seats, along with the latest First cabin. However, who knows when that will be delivered. It was due to be well into service by now. However, as it stands, the aircraft still hasn’t been delivered.

Club World Suite

Who’s Next?

The next aircraft scheduled to head off to get the Club World Suite fitted are:

G-VIIC -200ER, 05/2020
G-YMMI -200ER, 05/2020

G-VIID -200ER, 07/2020
G-VIIG -200ER, 07/2020

G-VIIS -200ER, 08/2020

G-YMMG -200ER, 09/2020

G-STBA -300ER, 10/2020
G-YMMK -200ER, 10/2020

G-STBD -300ER, 11/2020

G-STBE -300ER, 12/2020
G-YMMO -200ER, 12/2020


G-STBF -300ER, 01/2021

G-STBL -300ER, 02/2021
G-YMMJ -200ER, 02/2021

G-STBB -300ER, 03/2021
G-VIIE -200ER, 03/2021

G-STBI -300ER, 04/2021

G-STBH -300ER, 05/2021
G-STBJ -300ER, 05/2021
G-VIIJ -200ER, 05/2021
G-YMMN -200ER, 05/2021

G-VIIH -200ER, 06/2021
G-STBK -300ER, 06/2021
G-YMMH -200ER, 06/2021

G-STBC -300ER, 07/2021

G-YMMP -200ER, 08/2021
G-STBG -300ER, 08/2021

G-YMML -200ER, 09/2021

G-YMMT -200ER, 11/2021

G-YMMU -200ER, 12/2021

Obviously, even in regular times, the above info would be subject to change. Even more so now.

As far as the other fleets go, before the world fell apart, the plan was for the first Boeing 787-8 to have the Club World Suite fitted in 2021. This was followed by the Boeing 787-9 in 2022. And finally, the Airbus A380 was the final type to receive the new cabin in 2023. The Boeing 747 fleet was never planned to be refitted.

Images © British Airways

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