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British Airways | Airbus A321 | LHR-CDG | Club Europe
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British Airways | Boeing 767 | ARN-LHR | Club Europe
Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Route: Heathrow – Paris de Gaulle
Flight number: BA322
Seat number: 1A
Cabin: Club Europe
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security
As is always the case with British Airways flights from Heathrow these days, I skipped the check in area as I was only travelling with hand baggage and I already had my boarding passes. From what I could see though, it wasn’t too busy considering this was the day before a long weekend.
As the South security area didnt look too busy, I figured id head through there and my suspicions were correct. Despite it being a little busy, everything worked well enough and I was through in no more than five minutes.
Up to the Galleries First lounge, and this would be my final visit to this one for a few months due to my BA Gold status expiring a few days after this trip. I was pleased to see a few positive improvements had been made to the catering since my last afternoon visit just over a month previously. This included a light bites area, consisting of cold cuts, cheese and other smaller snacks. Although the buffet still needs a bit of work when it comes to presentation.

Gnocchi from the menu – this was very good

The rest of the lounge has also had a mild refurbishment recently, including new furniture and deep cleaned floors (
Boarding / Onboard
Boarding was an hour and a half late – the reason being the age old excuse of a late inbound aircraft. It was done the correct way today, with Gold card holders and Club Europe customers invited to board first – and the fast track was being strictly enforced with everybody’s boarding passes being checked before people were permitted to enter. I saw a few people being sent away. Although due to seven rows of Club plus quite a few Gold card holders on this flight, there was still a bit of a wait.
Row 1 on the A320 fleet is the place to be for legroom these days

The service got going during pushback for this flight, with hot towels being handed out.
Once airborne, it was a race against time to get the service completed on this full flight. As this was a band 1 flight, there was no choice of meal – just a chicken salad, which was decent enough, dished up at the same time as the drinks service.
Followed with a Baileys.
We landed on probably the furthest runway from our parking stand – so ended up having to taxi for a good ten to fifteen minutes.
As I was sat in row one however, I was the first off and was land side in just a matter of moments.
Despite the warnings of things being very busy on this day, I found that things weren’t too much different to a normal day, so top marks to Heathrow security staff for working efficiently there. The BA Galleries First lounge was once again a pleasant enough place to wait for a few hours, but I personally found the presentation of a buffet awful for what is supposed to be the airlines First Class lounge (although in reality, it’s a OneWorld Emerald lounge). Having said that, the food I ordered from the menu was great. Although menus were a little hard to come by, and as is seemingly common in this lounge, finding somebody to actually order the food was also a little difficult. On board, the crew did a great job serving everybody efficiently on this 45 minute flight. The food was tasty enough and there was a decent drinks selection.a
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