British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-BLL | Euro Traveller

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British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-BLL | Euro Traveller
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Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Route: London Heathrow – Billund
Flight number: BA804
Seat number: 25A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: June 2016

Check In / Security
As usual with most of my flights, I had checked in previously for this one online. As a matter of routine, the previous evening I was checking to see which particular aircraft I would be on and noticed the flight was now scheduled to be operated by an A320 as opposed to the original A321. I must admit, I thought it was a little ambitious all along for a relatively new route to be operated by the largest of the short haul Airbus fleet, but even stranger for the type to be subbed after check in had opened. As such, my originally assigned seat no longer existed, and was therefore moved forward a few rows.
Once again, I used the North security and it was a little busier than I’d previously experienced. However it still only took a matter of minutes. Have Heathrow finally sorted the long waits at Fast Track security? Or have the changed BA made to their Executive Club a year or so back finally filtered through and now less people are entitled to use it?
On the subject of things filtering through the Executive Club at BA, I was also one of them. My Gold card had expired a few days previously, therefore I’d be using the Galleries Club lounge on this occasion due to dropping to Silver. This was my first time in here in a good couple of years, and much like the Galleries First lounge, it has had a bit of a refurbishment recently. This lounge also featured new seating and had been given a deep clean.
The breakfast options were much the same as before however, with bacon rolls, cheese and egg rolls and a host of pastries on offer.
Boarding / Onboard
When it came to boarding, once again there was a slightly different (and incorrect) procedure carried out. It started with Club Europe and Gold, as it should be, but then it was followed by “everybody else”. Luckily the flight wasn’t too busy, so it was hassle free.
Once on board, the boarding procedure was completed fairly quickly and the middle seat of my row remained free.
As this was a pre 9am departure, the breakfast offering were a little more substantial than what is served during the day. In general, filled croissants are handed out, but today they had run out by the time they had reached my row, so I was given the vegetarian option instead. This consisted of a small pastry, a yogurt and a cup of juice.
Arrival was made nicely ahead of schedule and as Billund isn’t the busiest airport in the world, it didn’t take too long to pass through.
Not much to be said about the flight itself, as it was your standard BA flight. I will comment on the lounge however, as this was the first time using this particular one in a good couple of years.
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