British Airways | Airbus A319 | DUS-LHR | Euro Traveller

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British Airways | Airbus A319 | LHR-DUS | Euro Traveller
NH Koningsallee, Dusseldorf
British Airways | Airbus A319 | DUS-LHR | Euro Traveller
Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Route: Dusseldorf – Heathrow
Flight number: BA939
Seat number: 7A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security
As I had checked in via the app and already had my boarding pass, I didn’t bother with a visit to the check in desk.
Instead, I made my way through security, where there was a fast track, and for the first time I was granted entry despite it being a self serve gate type entry. Security itself wasn’t particularly fast though, due to it being full of once a year flyers who had to be told everything at least four times and then still getting it wrong.
Once upon a time, around four years ago British Airways had their own lounge in Dusseldorf. However this has long closed and instead the airline uses the third party Hugo Junkers lounge in concourse B. I have used this lounge previously when flying Air Berlin and was a little surprised to see that nothing al all had changed. Quite literally nothing! Even down to the sandwich fillings! Other than that, it still remains a decent enough place to wait – once you find yourself a seat.

Somewhat uninspiring entrance

Boarding / Onboard
Boarding was once again a different process. This time around, Club Europe, Gold and Silver passengers were given priority. On board, it was the now standard BA Airbus short haul cabin, with six rows of Club on todays flight.
Service was identical to the outbound flight, although one difference was that I was welcomed personally by the customer service manager (most likely due to my BA Gold status).
Arrival was made more than thirty minutes ahead of schedule and as such, it was a slow taxi over to the far side of Terminal 5A and on to a remote stand. One thing I noticed this time around that I hadn’t seen before was that there was a separate bus for Club Europe passengers. Although with the mass stampede to exit, I’m not entirely sure how easy it was for the crew to enforce.
Once more, British Airways got the job done to a reasonable standard. The personal welcome is always appreciated (by myself at least) although I have noticed its only ever mixed fleet crews that deliver this. If there is one negative, it was the arrival on to the remote stand and having to be bussed to the terminal. I guess its more of a Heathrow issue than an airline one, but I can’t help but wonder if the terminal is over capacity somewhat, and if/when a third runway is built are things likely to get worse?
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