British Airways A350 leaves Toulouse

After its failed attempt at a delivery flight yesterday, British Airways first Airbus A350 finally left Toulouse this morning. Instead of positioning to Heathrow however, it flew 200 miles or so North to Chateauroux at an altitude of 19,000ft in around 45 minutes or so.

I have no insider information on this, so can only assume that Airbus wanted it out of the way as British Airways officially took delivery of the aircraft on 24th July.

As Chateauroux is a smaller airfield, it could be that British Airways arranged for a few training flights to take place there in the mean time until the airline can ferry its new addition to its home base. It has been rumoured that it will carry on to Heathrow later today, but that is unconfirmed at this point.

The aircraft is due to enter service on 5th August on a semi promotional flight to Madrid. Members of the press will be seated in the new Club cabin, where as the World Traveller cabin will be available to the general public. It will continue on the Madrid route until the 2nd September at which point it will start its long haul missions, initially to Dubai before moving on to the Toronto route in early October.

British Airways has 18 A350-1000’s on order for delivery between now and 2023.

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