British Airways 787 To Operate Madrid Flights

Throughout September and October, British Airways will use the Boeing 787 on their flights to Madrid.

British Airways 787 to Madrid

What’s more interesting however is that British Airways has virtually abandoned the route for September. Being the main IAG hubs, there are usually a number of flights between Heathrow and Madrid daily.

However, for September, it’s just a single British Airways 787 daily. IAG will offer an additional 3 flights with Iberia on a daily basis.

Previously, both British Airways and Iberia have used their wide body Boeing 777, Airbus A340/Airbus A350/Airbus A330 aircraft on the route on a daily basis. For the time being though, Iberia look to have pulled their wide body from the route. For the next couple of months at least, the Spanish airline is showing as operating the Airbus A321.

With those returning to the UK from Spain having to quarantine from the end of July, passenger demand clearly isn’t there. Despite this, the main reasoning behind using the larger aircraft on the route is cargo. This is one area that has been doing well during the pandemic.

British Airways 787 cabin
British Airways 787-8 Club World cabin

-8, -9 Or -10?

What isn’t clear is which version of the British Airways 787 will be sent to Madrid.

Currently, they operate all 3 variants of the Dreamliner. IAG have openly stayed that the latest -10 variant is great for cargo operations. As the main reason for the use of the larger jets on the route is cargo, maybe the -10 will become a more permanent fixture on the route?

British Airways have offered wide bodied aircraft on the Heathrow – Madrid route for a number of years. Previously with the Boeing 767 before supplementing this with the 787 in early 2017. By the summer of that year, that flight was almost exclusively operated by the Boeing 777 series.

Previously this year, the British Airways 787 has served the Amsterdam and Zürich routes.

Don’t Forget!

If you’re planning on flying the 787 to Madrid, don’t forget, you’ll have to quarantine for two weeks on returning to the UK. Whether you leave the airport or not!

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