Brewdog Unveil Third BA Beer

Back in January, Brewdog posted the following on Twitter:

After it appeared that Jet Stream was the clear winner, Brewdog have today revealed the branding for the upcoming beer.

Whether the existing Speedbird100 and AirCraft beers are disappearing I cannot say with any certainty. I was under the impression that the Speedbird100 would be gone by now. However, there was plenty on offer in the Galleries First lounge in February 2020.

Brewdog Speedbird100 100

On board however, it was a different story. So maybe supplies are starting to run low.

AirCraft was exclusive to the Concorde Room and First Class cabins onboard British Airways flights. This differed to Speedbird100 as it was a bottled beer as opposed to canned.

Brewdog AirCraft

Hopefully, the new beer will be more widely available. Other than in the London lounges and onboard long haul flights, it was a little difficult to come across. Even in other British Airways lounges in the UK, it was almost constantly unavailable when I visited.

No official release dates have been given for the new beer as of yet. Although I’m sure I saw a few whispers about it being available in April 2020. Don’t quote me on that though…


Brewdog was founded in Ellon, Scotland in 2007. As of 2020, there are a number of bars in the UK, USA, Australia and Germany.

In 2019, the company partnered with British Airways to offer a discount to Executive Club members in their bars. This partnership included a free pint of Speedbird100 at their bars on 25th August to celebrate the airlines 100th anniversary.

Find out more about Speedbird100:

Find out more about AirCraft:

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