Best Western, Krakow Old Town

Stayed in: June 2015
For a late arrival in Krakow, a room in the Old Town area seemed the best bet. Most were guesthouses, and there was a Radisson. The best middle of the road bet was the Best Western. When checking in, I was told I was given an upgraded room. The upgraded rooms were immediately noticeable from the outside, as well as the fact they were in a separate part of the building.
 photo IMG_4615.jpg
Main Room
I made my way into the annex part of the building and wow, this has to be the snazziest room I’ve ever stayed in. Size wise, it wasn’t brilliant, but after arriving at around 02:00am local this wasn’t too much of an issue. The main windows were a little on the small side, but there were windows in the ceiling – which the curtains didn’t cover completely, and seeing that I stayed on the longest day of the year, this meant an early wake up call.
 photo 11334285_10152783722800882_7607736233700397785_o.jpg
 photo 11406239_10152783722480882_8858757585141770029_o_1.jpg
 photo 10583035_10152783722915882_7322336598131985687_o.jpg
 photo 11402355_10152783720370882_5542032514514353278_o_1.jpg
 photo 10481132_10152783721440882_8231236366875784517_o_1.jpg
The bathroom was more conventional, featuring a shower stall, but no bath. It was all quite basic really.
 photo 11406133_10152783721280882_2616662695475478347_o_1.jpg
 photo 10582856_10152783721630882_4115813640983871550_o_1.jpg
No bathroom amenities here, just the soap bottles on the wall. There was the standard tea tray though, and even a telescope!
 photo 11411604_10152783722615882_4551682821717570240_o_1.jpg
 photo 10255590_10152783722165882_4126085805252752534_o_1.jpg
 photo 11062151_10152783720325882_5142062178709803_o_1.jpg
 photo 11536475_10152783720345882_6432582497757098226_o_1.jpg
In Conclusion
For a middle of the road type hotel, this place was fine. No doubt more luxurious than the guest houses in town, but I’d imagine the Radisson would have been better. Top marks for the room being completely different to anything I’ve seen before though.
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