Being A Blogger Is Easy, Right?

Being a Blogger is easy. That was certainly my opinion of it a year ago.

Having posted trip reports in various places since 2012, that part of it does come easily. In my case, I have Apple Pages on my phone and I write a few sentences as I go along. Thats the way I’ve always done it. The real work part of it comes from sorting through the photos and then editing them.

Early days as a blogger
Where it all began in 2013

When starting this website in 2019, I wanted it to be more of a site that was updated daily with various bits. Focusing purely on trip reports, updating daily wasn’t all that feasible.

Being a keen Twitter user, I often found that 140 (or 280 as it is these days) characters usually wasn’t enough to get my full opinion across.

Therefore, I figured that this would be a good platform to offer slightly more in depth thoughts on things. Now, I’m not presumptuous enough to assume that everyone out there would be interested in hearing what I had to say on things. But I figured it was something different to endless trip reports.

That was fine for the first couple of months. But then a case of writers block set in!

Read All About It..

So I decided to try my hand at taking a look at some of the news stories that broke and putting my own twist on them. Not being in the industry, I have to rely on this method when commenting on breaking news stories. By the time I’ve found out the breaking news, it has likely appeared on at least half a dozen sites already. So how do I go about making my article different? Well, that I can’t answer as I’m still trying to figure that out!

Then there’s also the fact that this site isn’t my full time gig. So any breaking news and personal opinion has to be shoehorned into various breaks during my full time job. And if I’m travelling, forget it!

But What’s My Opinion?

The “comment” section of this site is exactly that. My thoughts on various things. These articles I can take a bit longer on, although coming up with Ideas on what to write about are harder to come by. And this is where I have to confess that maybe I was wrong when I thought bloggers had it easy!

If you look at the likes of God Save The Points, Gilbert constantly comes up with multiple articles per day of his thoughts and the latest deals. The guy must be at it constantly! Another site I read on a fairly regular basis is One Mile At A Time. Whilst Ben does have a couple of writers, he produces the lions share of the content.

So Where Does That Leave Me?

I like to think that I am trying to bring the best parts from both of those two sites under one roof here.

Whilst I have many years of experience when it comes to trip reports, reviewing lounges and hotels separately is a new concept for me. And that’s where I take inspiration from Ben. He also manages to make a news story unique. Which is something I struggle with if I’m honest! How can I take a press release and re-word it so as not to copy/paste?!

Gilbert offers his own insight on various cities he’s visited among other opinions of his on the travelling world. His forte is digging out the best deals though. Something that I’m yet to really master believe it or not. I have a couple of tips, but I suspect that most, if not all already know those specific tricks.

What Happens When Nothing Is Going On?

Exactly the point I’m trying to make with this post! When no news of interest is breaking, I don’t have any trip reports ongoing and can’t think of anything to comment on, what do I post?!

As mentioned above, being a blogger isn’t my full time job, so its not the end of the world if I don’t post for a few days. But my intention is to keep this site regularly updated.

I’m sure this will come easier as time passes however. Theres been a number of times when I’ve been sat struggling to think of things to write about. Then had a eureka moment.

So yeah, being a blogger isn’t quite as easy as it appears!

(And for the record, I can’t stand the term Blogger!)

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